american health care (americans only please)?

Why are so many americans against national health care. It is one of the greatest britsh inventions we have. as a brit I cant imagine a wealth country that doesnt want to look after its people please explain what is your problem with it.

salutations! american here.

i think a very large part of the problem is the government’s handling of the entire situation. the health care bill is not &quot:reform&quot: (although i think you’d be hard-pressed to find an american who would disagree that america’s healthcare system *needs* reform-) it’s an entire overhaul, and many americans don’t *want* a complete overhaul. the government is being very sketchy and vague about the whole deal, and doing a poor job of addressing concerns (in my opinion.) also, i believe there is some (although it’s hard to tell how much) misinformation regarding the bill, so people are going off of what they hear vs. what they know as fact and bother to find out for themselves. there is a lot of opposition from both sides of the fence regarding the bill, but the government makes it seem like there’s a lot more people in favor of it then there actually are.

and this isn’t entirely about healthcare, either. the government programs in place are bloated, corrupt, and inefficient. our government steals from the people, and spends our money on pointless research projects, private jets, and parties for the staff. then has the audacity to raise taxes and spend *more* money. they can’t take care of anything else, who’s to say they can take care of our health!? (i know i’m painting a terrible picture, but i hope you understand what i’m saying.)

oh yeah. and the quality of healthcare will go down drastically….

Clearly you meant &quot:United Statesian health care&quot: not &quot:American&quot:, America much like Europe is a CONTINENT with 37 American nations. When you say &quot:American&quot: referring only to United Statesians you gallantly dismiss over 70% of America and over 700 millions Americans.

Would you like it if 700 million non-Uninted Statesian Americans refer to Europeans when we speak of Germans? They are after all the most powerful European nation.


The average wait for minor surgery in the UK is 18 weeks, for emergency care you are seen straight away and you now see a cancer specialist within two weeks from GP referral, and if the NHS does not make this target they have to pay for a private consultation.……

Finally Americans no very little about the British NHS, so without British input you are just going to have a bunch of Americans make assumptions.

The NHS offers very good care, and I should know I have used it all my life.

Also the US has a 100% five year prostrate survival rate, does that include the nearly 50 million with no insurance and the further 25 million who are grossly under insured.

The poorest always have the lowest levels of cancer society in any society and the British system includes them unlike the US System.

Furthermore prostrate survival in the UK is also based on age, with the over 80’s having the lowest five year survival rate, but then again the British have a longer life expectancy.

Finally cancer survival is dependent on discrepancies in registry recording and size, pathology definitions and a whole raft of other criteria.…

1. This isn’t a health care bill.. it is a government take over of the health care industry. (seriously, read the bill)

2. The US has a significantly larger amount of people than Britain does. With a greater disparity of cost of living and economic levels.

3. The US was founded on the principles that each individual is responsible for themselves. Government is best when it is small and unobtrusive.

4. Why scrap the entire system for 10% of the populace?

5. The good elements of this bill could easily be accomplished with some regulation of the insurance industry.

6. The US already has some National Health care (Medicare/Medicaid), it sucks big time, our government never has done anything efficiently or cost effectively.

If you want american replies only, why on earth did you ask the question in & and not & don’t you know what your own flag looks like?

you’re the only british person i’ve heard say that…The problem I have with nationalizing health care is that the way its proposed for us is that no matter your health level you pay the same. This means people who smoke, drink, do drugs, don’t exercise etc… will have their health care costs subsidized by people like me who eat right, don’t smoke and exercise regularly. Now I can have a heart attack tomorrow and someone who eats McDonalds every day can live to 120, but the fact is im a lower risk therefore should have lower health care costs. I have a problem paying for other peoples lack of responsibility.

Don’t confuse right wing shills with real Americans.

They aren’t, most US citizens and Canadian citizens are for national health care. in Y! answers, a few rabid maniacs who have several IDs try to make it seem like a lot of people are against it.

If I ever become president, I’m building a huge border.

First, Mexico.
Then Canada.
Then the rest.

I’ll draft unemployed Americans to join the National Guard to shoot down anyone who tries to come inside.

Then we’ll kick out illegal aliens.

then I would provide healthcare for the people living here legally.

How can people believe that a Harvard educated lawyer has their best interests in mind when it is &quot:above his pay grade&quot: to state when human life begins?

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