World War 3 is approaching?

N.Korea launches Nuclear test

India and Pakistan have increasing tension

Russia Threatens Britain over spy

China threatens US over taiwan

Middle eastern countries get hold of nuclear bombs(incl.terrorists)

NYC,London and Madrid terrorist attacks

Have they all been leading to a WORLD WAR 3?

WW3 is over; we won the Cold War
WW4 has started. It’s just not going to fought by huge armies in the field. It’s going to be very amorphous and non-static.

Tiffany, the cold war most definitely saw casualties (Vietnam, Korea, El Salvador to name a few). It was fought by proxies (you can look up that word) and in some cases directly between the major powers. It turned hot it many places around the world; the US and Soviets were engaged in winning hearts and minds in the aforementioned places as well as every continent on the planet. So yes, it can be considered a world-wide war.

No, sorry, no World War coming anytime soon. Although I find it weird that you didn’t mention Iran by name,, just lumped all Middle Eastern Countries together in regards to getting a hold of nuclear bombs.
What we will have, in the next 30-50 years is another Crusade. We can only be passive for so long with the Muslim extremists before we retaliate on a truly global scale.
This Crusade will start in Northern Europe, but will Finish in the Mid-east with the near dessimation of all Muslims as a result.
Enjoy,,, 10 points please.

The principle of Mutually Assured Destruction rules out any aggression from India, Pakistan, Russia, Britain, China, or the US.

North Korea might be crazy enough to attack South Korea, but no one would be stupid enough to support North Korea, and it would not be a world war.

according to hazard, it probable will if international places keeep blaming one yet yet another, and how its going, i think of of its in simple terms right down that highway!!! located it that way the in simple terms right international conflict substitute into delivered approximately by applying interior the initiating a complicated headed, racsist guy or female, that blamed everthing incorrect in this international on the jews ( now each and every little element is being blamed on muslims ) 2d the propaganda began interior the media, this now has began, the spark is the action picture (which in diverse techniques mirror on how westerners view muslims, nt all westerners, optimal get caught it the backlash) and now by applying way of the media they are finding for suggestions interior the incorrect place, whilst the properganda (the action picture) is at a loss for words with freedom of speech. diverse the strikes of the protesters is discracefull, yet now extra suited than ever thr needs to be a smart chief, who can see the large photograph, it particularly is waiting to diffuse tempers!!! if now no longer then ww3 is coming near near!!!

WWIII was not the cold war, we haven’t entered a WW!!!

this is a new type of war, this is an irradication

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