Why are Conservatives using Family Guy avatars when it is one of the most liberal shows on television?

The creator is a huge liberal who puts his liberal lies blatantly into every show. They attack Christians and Republicans like its nothing. Yet Conservatives here use family guy avatars (i’ve seen peter, brian and Stewie used) when they should be boycotting this show. Its what is brainwashing our children and making all the clueless college kids vote for liberals like Obama!

they are actually trolls, not conservatives. not everyone types what they really mean

Oh my, sounds like some kind of conspiracy! I can’t believe you don’t have that channel blocked. Wait, doesn’t it air on Fox?

They like Comedy/ have a Sense of humor.

Is that your real picture?

they probably do this to show that although they are conservative they are still open to some ideas although not all. they use a family guy icon to show that

Because they are actually more tolerant than liberals claim themselves to be….

It only brainwashes people who can’t think for themselves…and just because an adult watches it, doesn’t mean they allow their children to watch it…yes, conservatives actually watch and teach their children, instead of getting mad and sueing a station when the kid learns something bad from a TV show.

first off, liberals suck. thought i should say that first

and my answer to your question…
i think they probably just don’t care.. conservatives tend to be more laid back i think. we don’t freak out about things and make ourselves look stupid. i am conservative, but i like family guy. i think it’s hilarious. i guess i just don’t care about the liberal comments? idk. doesn’t bother me.

i noticed that too

because liberals are a hilarious joke

Didn’t you know that liberals control the media?

Enjoy 8 years of liberal control!


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