Is the ‘money for nothing’ ethos of religion in the modern era harming our economy?

In my previous question, I spoke about how each church generates a certain amount of cash (tax free) each week and this is a direct injection of cash that the economy misses out on. A lot of you pointed out that the money doesn’t just disappear: it goes back into local economy in the form of payment for goods supplied and services rendered to the church. However, the keyword in that sentence is ‘direct.’ Wouldn’t it be better for the economy if that money went directly to the payment of goods supplied and service rendered instead of being filtered through the grimy hands of church workers?

And remember, since religious people have no corroborating evidence for their claims of the supernatural, there’s a very high chance that what they are saying is all a bunch of lies so they could very well be getting ‘money for nothing’ and ‘money for nothing’ is in direct opposition to the core principles of capitalism upon which our economy is based…

Religion is a parasitical infestation that takes much in the form of money, time, and resources, and all it returns is empty promises and threats.

There is nothing of value in religion that cannot be found elsewhere and without it.

The grimy hands of church workers?? WOW nice…

I know for a FACT that the money that the church I went to in Toronto was using the money to BUY things (oh and pay their bills because it costs money to have electricity, water etc) Or do you think churches get THOSE for free??

The church also (and this is a FACT) had an outreach program where they fed and clothes homeless people in downtown Toronto (I bet THOSE homeless people are glad for the church and the generous people in it who give their money). The church also supported an orphanage in Africa, had missionaries in South America who were helping to build a school and a hospital.

So before judging others, perhaps you should look at where YOUR money is going because I highly doubt it is to helping others.

Still assuming no “WWE” advantage: Terry Funk. As I said before, if he couldn’t out-wrestle you he’d out-fight you. If he couldn’t out-fight you, he’d out-“crazy” you. Bret Hart. Hate to see Dynamite leave so soon, but the Hitman would just out-wrestle him and make him tap to the Sharpshooter. Sting. A little better wrestler than Savage, I think. Sting would win by submission to the Scorpion Deathlock. Chris Benoit. Damn…what a match-up! Chris’ strength advantage would be the difference here. Dean would eventually tap to the Crippler Crossface. Kurt Angle. As great as Owen was, so is Kurt. Kurt’s meaner and more ferocious. No submission here, Kurt would just have to wear Owen out and pin him. Hulk Hogan. Hogan CAN wrestle. He’s bigger and stronger than Austin, too. The Undertaker. Shawn’s good, real good. I just think the Undertaker can beat him. Ric Flair. Flair had no trouble out-wrestling the big guys. The Rock would be no different.

The interesting thing about all of that is the bible does not command tithing in the New Testament. It is only commanded in the Old Testament. If anyone is making money from all of this, it isn’t God. This is for two reasons. By your own argument, God does not exist. And, many Christians are living in poverty. Where does the money go, then? It seems like those dead presidents get thrown in the plate and never heard from, again. I’m a stone’s throw away from the poorhouse, myself.

I here the same argument from my idiot far far right wing Geography Teacher who believes that space travel is a total waste of time, money and resources for all the world, and has no benefit to any one in any form.

The possibilities and advancements that could come from planetary expansion is unknown… just like the existence of a god… but in the off chance that there is a god, wouldn’t you like the fact that there are people who are willing to pray for people even like you who insult them to there face?

He’s an idiot, and a super-atheist,, but he at least doesn’t bash what people do with their own money, he’s pissed about tax dollars being put to space travel. How arrogant can you be to judge-ill of an entire group of people simply because they see things differently from you…. isn’t that supposed to be the Christian’s job…

Our government takes a huge amount of our earnings in taxes. What I choose to do with the rest of my paycheck is my business. I have a perfect right to give to my church and any other charities of my choice.

As for the economy, the national debt is in the hundreds of trillions of dollars… and the few dollars my church receives from it’s members wouldn’t stimulate this economy enough for it to make any difference.

Money for nothing Its just paper the only value it has is what we perceive it too be Its a shame people are punished for not having it homeless and even starved I believe someday $ will No longer exist

I’m rather offended that you describe religious peoples’ hands as grimy. In fact, religous organizations, particularly the Catholic Church, are the biggest philanthropic organizations in the world. How many atheists do you seen in poverty stricken countries risking their lives to provide relief?

You’re not being very clear on where exactly you want this money to go. To the government? So they can put it in huge spendulous bills that waste millions and billions of dollars. No thanks.

Furthermore, people’s money belongs to them. They give it to the Church because they want to. You would never be able to force these people to give as generously to the government as they give to their religious institutions.

You are so eager to use other people’s money. I trust completely how my church uses the money. I can even designate it the way I want. What are you doing to help the situation?

I know my church feeds the poor, clothe them, send money to over seas and all kind of places.

You do not have to believe in the Word of God. It is evident that you do not have God in your life.

That cash has already been taxed. We pay taxes on it as income tax. That is enough. Politicians and our liberal police the world and give big business tax cuts and bailouts situation are harming our economy.

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