Do you agree with the majority of America in that Obama doesn’t deserve re-election?

The poll shows the president is on shaky ground.

A majority of Americans–51 percent–believe he doesn’t deserve re-election. Forty-seven percent said he does. When pitted against an unnamed Republican, President Obama narrowly leads 49 to 45 percent. But Obama still remains below the crucial 50 percent mark in that scenario.

Obozo the clown should not have been elected to begin with. Hopefully we will have common sense influence the next election.

Count me in on that too.
Clearly, we did not get the &quot:liberal&quot: we were promised. Obama has turned his back on those who voted for him.
If we had wanted a continuation of Bush’s policies, we would have elected McCain.

The unfortunate problem now is, in 2012, do I vote for the right-leaning centrist Obama, or the extreme right-leaning extremist, (fill in the blank)?

Why bother to vote at all? It’s an illusion of choice. But we have no choice. We really don’t.

No I don’t. I think he tried very hard to get things done so this would not happen. There was little to no cooperation from the house. I think that if he did not cave to the republicans and we went into default that we would be even worse today than we are.

No, i do no longer think of polls are remarkable whether or no longer they are in want of something or no longer. the difficulty with polling is that it basically takes a small pattern which (IMO) would not mirror the perspectives of the folk wisely. i think of the only way we are going to incredibly understand is election time.


Ask me again in 12 months.

My decision will have nothing to do with whether or not he deserves reelection. It will be based on whether or not I think his competitor can do better.

Surprisingly, I do agree with you.
He betrayed the principles of liberalism. He betrayed the Democratic Party.
He certainly does not even deserve to be our presidential nominee again.

GUESS WHAT i hate to burst your bubble but Obama is going to win again and their is nothing you can do about it

It all depends on the other choice as prez.

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