College essay?

So I want to be memorable and show something that isn’t shown already in my transcript. I think a unique part of me is how I moved a lot which caused me to go to 5 different high schools. This meant I had to learn how to adapt and it helped me step out of my comfort zone and become a braver person. However, moving schools a lot did affect my grades but it enhanced me socially because I used to be so shy. Should I leave out the grades part or should I explain on it? And is this unique enough for a essay that people will remember?

Yes, this is a fairly unusual situation.
As for your grades that suffered, different school districts have really different cultures and requirements, it is not unusual for an incoming student to have a few problems before getting up to speed and understanding what is required from that particular school.
Hopefully, your lower grades were temporary situations and that fact is a point to embrace. YOU learned how to adapt and you kept trying until you found your footing in each new place and brought your grades back up.
This is a big deal and shows that with your personal experience, you already know how to fit into a new school both socially and academically and you can help your brethren (other incoming freshmen) find theirs. This is the single biggest fear of new students–that they won’t know anyone and won’t be able to make friends. You can take a leadership role by networking with other new students and helping settle in and make friends.

[some text about something first, at least a paragraph] Sometimes life intercedes when attending school: my grades fluctuated when I moved to _place_ and again at _place_. But what did I learn from those moves? Well, in iceland, people frequently have children outside of a formal partnership. In Canada I learned that the maple leaf on the coin is not the native Canadian maple, but a European one.

Well they will see your grades on your transcript. So perhaps an explanation of you grades is needed. I would mention it. Just remember to put a positive spin on it all.
This would be an excellent sub just to write about.

But honestly the admissions committee reads them, reviews them and moves on. They read hundreds and hundreds of essays.

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