Are Scientolgists hacking into Yahoo answers?

I answered a question about Scientology and a sentence which included made the Scientologists look sinister was mysteriously changed to made the Sociologists look sinister, 3 hours later. Had to edit it back.
Genuine change as I read it through carefully before I posted it.

Darn spell checker

I doubt it. I’ve been posting answers about Scientology for a while now and haven’t had any words &quot:mysteriously changed&quot:. You probably made a typo you didn’t notice until later. It happens. Really, it does.

Don’t be so paranoid.
You invent all these alarming stories and then actually believe them.
I assure you we have much better things to do that hack into anything here on Yahoo and mess about with your answers , or anyone elses L.O.L

P.S. But you might want to check if your being followed next time you go out……….

No yet I do have a clone, she’s been stalking for almost a three hundred and sixty 5 days so in case you spot somebody referred to as ‘Delihah no longer the clown’ it is not me, you will comprehend her via her spelling blunders and venomous comments.

well whatever is happening, its definately making the scientologists look sinister now…and them sociologists too… 🙂

Dyslexia…. typographical error… going cross-eyed maybe? But if your suspicion is right, lots of other people will find their answers changed too! So let’s check this one out folks and get back on it!

dont worry about it. an organization that dismisses men such as ,FREUD, JUNG, ADLER, VICTOR FRANKYL, should be,… ignored, but never denied their rights, to make an easy buck…

just checking my spelling….

LOL are you sure you were not daydreaming and misspelled it the first time?

scientologists arent smart enough to do anything of importance

they probably are….did you see the BBC ‘Panorama’ programme last monday night. i felt intimidated by them.

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