How to housebreak a 2 year old crated dog that has been on Puppy pads for 2 years?

I adopted a rescue dog (2 Year old Mini Pincher) a few weeks ago and having problems.

The past owner basically kept this dog in a crate for 16 hours a day, and potty trained it only on puppy pads in a bathroom for 2 years. She was also beaten when she didn’t obey, from what I was told.

So now I have this dog and she is great except for one thing. She refuses to let me know when she wants to go outside. At first she would pee or crap in the bathroom only. I figured that was because of the puppy pads and the past owner keeping it in the bathroom. So I closed the bathroom door.

So now she craps or pees whenever I turn my back. I call it the sneak attack. Basically whenever I go use the bathroom, she sniff the door, and the next thing I know there is a nice little surprise for me somewhere in the house. She hides out in her crate because she knows she did something wrong.

So here’s what I’m doing right now:
1) I crate her. I work from home and have the crate next to me all day.
2) I take her out 3 times a day. (Morning time Pee and poo is no problem. Its later in the day is unpredictable.)
3) I give her praise when she does pee or poop. (that’s hit or miss because this dog has ADD or something. Any detraction breaks her concentration).

I hate crating my dog up all day but she has crapped and peed in my apartment and 2 other people’s homes we visited.

I really need a way for this dog to tell me when she needs to go out.

I tried doing the hanging bell on the door, and putting her paw on the door before opening the door to train her, but she stays away from it like its the plague.

I don’t care how this dog tells me she needs to go out. Bark, scratch, bring her leash., send me an email..ANYTHING, and I will take her out immediately. The problem is no warning at all.

I’m desperate at this point. I hate keeping my dog crated up all the time becuase I can’t trust her running around the house while I work.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

BTW..what are your thoughts on Puppy pads?

You are going to have to train this dog just like you would a puppy. You have to start from square one.

First, keep the dog on a leash at all times. That way she can’t get far from you.
Next, you need to take her out every hour. Stay out as long as it takes for her to go. When she goes, give her lots of praise, and possibly some treats. If she is food oriented, the treats may help her to understand more quickly that going outside to do her business is good.
Every time you take her out of the crate, the first thing you do is take her outside so she can go. Because this behavior has gone on for so long, it will take some time to retrain her.
You can always consult a trainer that works with behavioral problems, too.

And my thoughts on puppy pads? All they do is tell the dog it is alright to go in the house. I NEVER tell clients to use puppy pads for house breaking.
The best thing to do is take the TIME to take the dog out. YOU have to teach her what her job is. She is not automatically going to know.

ohh wow sounds like you do have a situation on your hands.. ok well first question and its very important.. how big is the crate she is in? How much room does the dog have?

My idea and I have had the same issue.. with small dogs.. 3 to be exact ughs! ok here is goes.
Go invest in some puppy pads.. just a small bag will do. Place them to were you can see them as well as she can. When you get them make sure u show her and tell her potty and point at the pad, be sure to say it happy and give her attention so she thinks its fun. Next when you have her in the crate and let her out, see if she goes to the pad even follow her. When she does while she is pottying tell her good job after she is done do the same and love on her and give her a treat. After you have that down and she is going potty on the pads normally.. this may take about a week, you need to upgrade.

Here is how, when its time for her to go grab her leash and put it on her then take her outside and point on the ground and go potty.. again saying it with a cheerful tone. then when she goes give her praise. another way, is when she goes to get on the pad grab her and take her outside, right in the middle of using the bathroom.. A lot of practice and hard work but that worked on my dogs, now she wil go grab her leash or come to me and sit if she has to potty.. and oh boy if im asleep and she has to she lets me know really fast!
I hope this helps

I adopted a dog who was about a year old when we got him, and he was not potty trained, so I started from square one. I made him sit before he could go outside. I also brought him to the door and said want to go outside? I made sure I walked him first thing in the morning and stayed outside with him until he went. At first, I would take him outside every 1-2 hours, and would stay outside for about 10 minutes at a clip. After a little while, I would bring him out every 4 hours or so. I made sure to take him outside every time after he woke up, wether it was from a nap, or a long sleep, after he played hard, got excited, etc. and about 20 minutes after he ate. During this time he had a total of two accidents. I gave him a firm NO if he made a mistake, and praised him when he did go. Make sure when you praise your dog you hoot and hollar, throw your dog a party. My dog now knows to either go scratch the door, sit at the door, or go outside of the room we are in and bark.

My suggestion to you, would be ditch the puppy pads. It’s a stupid solution to not wanting to potty train a dog. Work with your dog, pick up her paw and scratch the door for her and say want to go outside, or want to potty. I would also suggest maybe getting a gate, so that at first she is only allowed to be in the same room as you, over time allow her into more rooms in the house. Chances are when she has an accident she doesn’t do it right in front of you she runs into a different room and does it. Keep with it, she will get used to it, and remember that accidents do happen!

This might be easier than you think. We had a similar ordeal with our dog, as we travel alot and would have to take extended stops waiting for him to go. The trick is to get them to go on command. When you take her out in the morning, repeat a command like “go to the bathroom” over and over again. And when I say over an over, I mean like 100 times until she goes.- one after the other

go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom. go to the bathroom.

Praise her immediately after she is done. After doing that for a few days, she should get the idea. She will start associating hearing that command with having to pee or poop. Pavlov. You know.. dinner bell/dog salivating? its the same thing.

puppy pads do not work just let her out like every 1 hour

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