Why don’t more men want to be with a smart woman?

Research show that the smarter the woman the happier the man, the longer he will live and the less likely he will get dementia.

Because smart women might not want men.

Well my wife is pretty intelligent, which is why i always wanted her to do something more then she is doing. Ideally I would be a lot happier if my wife was not only intelligent, but motivated. I see a lot of wasted potential sitting on a couch all around the world.

Men think dumb women are easy to manipulate

smart women are the best in bed. My 3 best experiences have all been with the smarter ones.

smart women are dangerous predators

Not all the smarts are lovable..coz to be lovable u gotta be atleast a lil’ ignorant lest u will see through your partner all the time..

Lots of men like the anorexic girls rather than the normal girls

Whenever I hear a feminist say research I imagine a group up them sitting aroundin a circle clucking. I can think up an opinion then look for anecdotal evidence to prove my point. Personally I want an intelligent woman who can keep up with me but again that is opinion.

I see…. Would that be feminist research?… You know, like those ever so dodgy rape stats?

The vast majority of men don’t give a hoot about how colloquially &quot:smart&quot: you are.

the majority of American women marry for security.
the majority of American men marry for looks.

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