Why do liberals lie about the Tea Party ?

Liberals on here always call tea party members dumb, poor trailer trash.
Several polls have been taken, and EVERY one shows that Tea Party members are better educated and wealthier than most other voters.

So every time the try that, just show them this proof, and call them the damned liars they are!

Because it’s hard to accept that educated people could express such clear contradictions and shelter such blatant racism. (not all tea partiers are racists, but it is clear that they exist within their ranks and are not condemned).

Anyone who has been to a frat party knows that being intelligent is not always the same as sensible (hence, the many of the people at such parties intentionally drinking to the point of alcohol poisoning – AKA ‘drink til you puke’)

Although they are not as ivory tower intellectual as the neo-conservatives, they do have their delusions – at least to the point that they have an ideology somewhere beyond a nebulous fear. A lot of it seems to come from an entitlement attitude common among those who have never experienced real hardship (much like frat boys), these are people who were born on third base and believe that they hit a triple, then get annoyed that they have to pay their share of the upkeep of the society (aka taxes) which makes their success – and even the education they got – possible.

They are the spiritual successor to the yuppies of the 80’s – consumed with greed and self-interest, and greatly overestimating their self-worth (sometimes with the belief that they are John Galts if they have read Rand).

It is easier (and lazier) to simply fit in the (inaccurate) stereotype of ‘dumb hick’ than face up to the fact that many of these people with angry and irrational attitudes are often colleagues and white collar professionals rather than the standard stereotype.

It’s not so much a lie as a misconception – many of these people actually believe the stereotypes they perpetuate, just like the people who perpetuate stereotypes about illegal immigrants, Muslims, or any other group you can conceivable think of. (heck, I included two in this post myself – some fraternity members are sober, decent people: and many of the young professionals of the 80’s weren’t materialistic and trendy).

I’m not actually sure what they tea parties believe in, other than magically maintaining the government while paying no taxes: and a general fear of government which strangely did not exist back when Bush was abusing power.

Liberals lie about everything, why would the Tea Party be any different?

They fail to look at the Tea Party objectively.

Simple answer, fear of what they can not comprehend.
Elaborate answer, far too many liberals have taken the word of MSM, their political leaders, pundits, etc.. as gospel for so long they are unable to formulate an independent intelligent opinion based on facts and concrete evidence. They are only able to regurgitate whatever propaganda they have most recently heard from Maddow, Olbermann, and their ilk.

They use any means necessary to discredit good people. Look what happened to Sarah Palin. I love her and the media goes nuts on her every chance they get. Obama or Biden can act stupidly and NOTHING…
The liberal media is a bunch of liars and frauds.

Why do conservatives call progressives communists? Why do Democrats call Republicans Nazi’s? They all suck.

Because what don’t liberals lie about, they open their mouths and 2 out of every 3 things they say are lies.

Because a true Grass Roots movement scares the crap out of them.
It is awesome the way us Americans are coming together out of concern for our dear country.

Liberals lie about everything!

Why does the Tea party lie about liberals?

They know theyre lil stint is ending

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