Why are ‘whistle blowers’ ridiculed and called unpatriotic anti-Americans?

Whislte blower AT&amp:T technician Mark Klein says his efforts to reveal alleged government surveillance of DOMESTIC Internet traffic was blocked not only by U.S. intelligence officials but also by the editors of the Los Angeles Times.

Here’s the Brian Ross/abc news article:


Do you care if the government listens to your calls and reads your e-mails??

Shouldn’t we at least have an informed choice??

The first defence against a whistle blower is to discredit him/her. The next step is to declare the subject to be a threat to national security.There are many other steps but it is only when you have been discredited yourself that you actually investigate the report or claim. You then lessen the blame by showing that the previous administration was doing it anyway. Even if it’s not true.

term’s like &quot:Anti-American&quot: or &quot:Unpatriotic&quot: are present day-day equivalent of a twentieth century theory extensive-unfold as Nationalistic Propaganda. in reality without grievance you will possibly have in straight forward terms censorship, freedom of speech is the U. S. first modification. no person can be categorised as a &quot:criminal of the state&quot: for speaking up against a central authority. that’s their opinion, make your individual on your individual cautioned judgment. words like &quot:Anti-American&quot: and &quot:Unpatriotic&quot: are actually not so a procedures removed from a similar innovations that make sure &quot:enemies of the state&quot: or &quot:terrorists,&quot: that are risky accusations to be made, purely because of the fact of somebody asserting their opinion. If somebody says something you disagree with, communicate up against it, do not bash the guy, defeat their argument.

That is not ethical to call someone names in response to their voicing concern. Very unpatriotic I think. The issues should be addressed and all doubts removed if there is nothing to hide. That is the correct way to handle issues. I don’t think we should have an informed choice I think we should just not do anything to endanger ourselves as in, be a terrorist. That is the people that have to worry as far as I’m concerned and I’m glad for that.

Gee Kelly, an informed choice?

Let’s see… If I were a terrorist, and wanted to hide my activity, why on earth would I allow the government to monitor it?

Wake up.

Naw only a terrorist or criminal should mind, and if you’re just a normal old joe, the government will have no interest listening to you anway

You libs always get worked up about nothing. &quot:Oh jeez, its hot outside, must be the end of the world&quot:

Give me a break

We are taught from a young age that being a tattle tale is bad…then we grow up and WANT people to tell…and ultimately turn on them for not having loyalty….it’s kinda messed up…but frankly if someone will tattle on this person then they will tattle on that one too…we lose trust in them.

Why are ‘whistle blowers’ ridiculed and called unpatriotic anti-Americans?
Maybe because they are.
The Internet needs to be monitored to track terroristic plans and chatter.

Although 1984 has passed, the Orwellian concept will be coming soon…if it hasn’t already…

They are ridiculed by cowards and fearmongers.

It’s always been that way and always will be that way.

Hopefully, these cowards and fearmongers won’t be in power too much longer.

Because this guy is not a whistleblower, but a commie liberal Bush hater. Who cares whether that surveillance was illegal? He should be sent to Gitmo to be with his fellow liberal Islamic terrorist buddies.

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