Was Hitler upstaged by Stalin as a war criminal?

Im reading war history and I’m wondering if Stalin was far greater 20th century war criminal, than Hitler?
Is there an established academic view on this?

History is always written by the victors, if for example the west had gone to war with Russia at the end of WW2 we would certainly now be saying that he was a monster and a guilty of crimes against humanity.
Fortunately or unfortunately we never went to war with Russia and as such the full extent of his crimes only became common knowledge after his death and then only in drips and drabs.
The simple fact is that both Hitler and Starlin were responsible for the death and torture of millions of people and both should be treat as criminals.

Holocaust is not that much of a tragedy comparing to GULAG, but if you are asking about war crimes Stalin is not any more criminal than Harry S. Truman.


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