Some girl called me ugly?

So I was lining up at the movies at the mall with my friends the other day, and while I was browsing through my phone, I over heard these couple of girls talking. One of the girls said: Hey, what do you think about the guy in the grey Polo Shirt? (I was the only one wearing a grey Polo Shirt) So the other girl said: Eww, hell no. He’s so ugly! and laughed. The people nearby heard it and stared at me, and I felt so embarrassed and kept a straight face. I know I shouldn’t be bothered about what they said, but hey, I’m no brick wall and it kinda hurt my feelings. I’d like to think that I’m an attractive person inside and out and I’ve always been nice to people. But I don’t know, I was already stressed out with work and other sh*t before the movies and having this thrown at me kinda lowered down my self-esteem. Maybe that’s why it kinda got to me. It sucks :'(
Has this ever happened to any of you? What did you do then?

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for reading.

BQ: Any funny Youtube videos you’d recommend? I need a good laugh..

Some girls are just meanies!!! Don’t take it personally some chicks just have no taste!!!
I’ll bet tons of chicks dig you!!!! I’m a chick and honestly I’ve always found you oober cute lol and you seem very nice!! You got it goin on so f those bizotches!!! 😀

BQ: I think this ones kinda funny 🙂…


The reality of the fact is that not everyone is fine, But luckily anyone can. All you got to do is workout and eat well. Look I know it feels like sh!t when some toothpick blonde b!t#h says this but you got to chill out. Everyone feels ugly so don’t trip. Some just show it more then others.
For videos watch some boondocks or Dave Chappelle

Your not alone. Once in my Senior year of High school I was in the cafeteria for breakfast before school started &amp: I had long hair &amp: and a skeleton sweater &amp: these group of black girls that were less then 5 feet from me were talking crap about me calling me ugly &amp: making fun of my hair. They were like this &quot: omg he ugly omg look at his hair ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look at it ewwwwwww he is so ugly. They thought I wouldn’t hear them when they were less then 5 feet from me those moronic idiots. That hurt my feelings pretty bad &amp: ruined my entire day.

You’re not ugly at all,you have a great smile and kind eyes.The girl that asked the other girl what she thought about you must have thought you were cute!

I have had quite a few people tell me that I have a crooked witch nose and one time some little kid asked me &quot:What are those red spots on your face?&quot: I was like it’s acne you little brat!!! :'(

Maybe my little experiences made you smile just a little bit.

People put other people down for no apparent reason to make themselves feel better!I know you know this!

I wouldn’t give to much credit to what the girl said. If she had to say that then it shows how shallow of a person she is. It’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts. They were looking for people to pick out and I’m sure you weren’t the only one. People like that have issues just like we all do. Your going to have people that do and say things that bug you but you have to learn to understand that’s just where they’re at in life. We’re all learning, some slower then others. Good luck

Yes, it has happened to me a lot of times in public. That’s why I don’t really like going out much. I’m always the type to mind my business and avoid problems, but people always find a way to either make fun of me, laugh at me, call me ugly, or rarely compliment me. It’s usually guys who try to talk to me and I don’t pay any mind to because I already have a bf anyway. So, they usually try talking to me and I ignore them, then when my bf comes one of their friends says really loud: &quot:DW, SHE’S UGLY AS HELL ANYWAY&quot: or something like does hurt my feelings, but w/e. I learned to deal w/ it..nothing I can do..unless I want to stoop to their level and call them ugly..but meh..I just act like it doesn’t bother me and go on w/ life..

I don’t know why people are like that. I hate people with a passion..I don’t understand how they can’t think about others feelings. IF you think someone’s ugly, that’s fine, but at least either keep it to yourself or whisper it..not go shout it out for the other person to hear you..that’s truly f_cked up. I hate people =/

Well I have heard some people call me ugly but here’s the thing it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you because if you believe your hot and sweet then f u c k anyone who disagrees ……
Yes it does suck and totaly bring people down but thats y most ppl call ppl gross ugly ect there trying to bring people down because they think there so much better looking but really there so shallow that they make them selves look rude and unattacked … dont believe everything you hear because it doesn’t matter what dumn fu ckers say there just piss that you have a heart

Don’t worry about what some girls say. And go onto youtube and search for Desandnate, capndesdes and ahoynateo. I love ’em and they are hilarious in a random funny way 🙂 Hope it helped 🙂

Don’t worry about what some random b!tches think.

Picture them when they’re 60 years old, you think they’re going to still be rockin’ a good body or a smooth face?

Don’t stress bro.

Aw, sweetheart! Sorry that broke my heart when I read it, haha. Judging from your picture you’re not ugly. I know how it feels. Last night, I was texting some guy, and apparently I pissed him off, and he said I looked like an orangutan! I was like &quot:LOL WHAT&quot:

She was just being a little *****, don’t worry about it, bro. ‘Cus remember, YOU SEXY

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