So, I am waiting for Rachel Maddow, Andy Cooper and Mika to come out and some how hang this HOUSTON catastrophe at the foot of DONALD TRUMP?

Somehow, these ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN jerkoffs will find a way to plain TRUMP for all the misery, just you wait, anything kind of discomfort as a result of this calamity will be Donald’s fault according to these media scumbags


no, there are plenty of Republican politicians in power in Texas to take the blame. starting with Ted Cruz who lead the fight to deny relief funds in the wake of storm Sandy.

Putin and Trump colluded in this Storm attack News at 11a.

Don’t hold your breath. CNN and MSNBC aren’t as dishonest as Fox News.

The Left is already blaming him for it.

They have more class than to score political points off of the death and suffering of others. A lesson that you’d do well to learn.

&quot:Russia caused it to help Trump or something&quot:

Because America TOTALLY does ALL IT CAN! for the ENVIRONMENT!- You don’t DESERVE this!

I think you’ll be waiting a long time. Nobody in their right mind could blame a man for the weather. They’d be laughed out of business. And by and large, the media is in its right mind.

Those three idiots

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