Should Israel attack Gaza again?

Hamass continuing to send rockets into Israel !!

Since the cease fire 100 Qasams fell and exploded in Israel, today two Grad missiles fell in Ashkelon (Population: 108,900), 1 FELL IN A SCHOOL YARD, if today was a school day dozens would be killed and wounded.

To answer you, its yes yes yes yes yes…
Article 51 of the united nations charter,reserves to every nation the right to engage in self-defense against armed attacks. Under the laws of war, any number of combatants can be killed to prevent the killing of even one innocent civilian. Since Hamas’ stated objective is the destruction of Israel, isn’t the appropriate response the destruction of Hamas? Wouldn’t random missile strikes on Palestinian cities be proportionate to Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel? Can you imagine any of Israel’s critics accepting those responses?

When Palestinian terrorists plant bombs at Israeli shopping malls and kill and maims dozens of civilians, would the &quot:proportionate response&quot: be for Israelis to plant bombs in Palestinian malls? No one in Israel believes this would be a legitimate use of force. Thus, Israel is left with the need to take measured action against specific targets in an effort to either deter Palestinian violence or stop it.

What would America do if terrorists fired thousands of rockets targeting U.S. cities? After 9/11, we saw that America took the same type of action as Israel by launching military strikes against the terrorists. U.S. forces used overwhelming force and though they never targeted civilians, some were inadvertently killed. Americans believe in Colin Powell’s doctrine, which holds that “America should enter fights with every bit of force available or not at all.”

The United States uses overwhelming force against its enemies, even though the threats are distant and pose no danger to the existence of the nation or the immediate security of its citizens. The threat Israel faces is immediate in time and physical proximity, and poses a direct danger to Israeli citizens. More than 6,000 rockets have now fallen on Israel’s cities and now that Hamas has acquired long-range missiles, more than 900,000 civilians are in danger. Still, Israel has not used its full might as the Powell Doctrine dictates. The use of force has been judicious and precise.

Israeli soldiers do not deliberately target noncombatants. The murder of innocents is the goal of the Palestinian terrorists. In fact, what other army drops leaflets to warn people to leave an area they intend to attack even though it gives up the element of surprise and allows the bad guys to hide as well as the innocent to escape?

IDF activities are governed by an overriding policy of restraint and a determination to take all possible measures to prevent harm to innocent civilians.

No innocent Palestinians would be in any danger if the Palestinian Authority took steps to stop terrorism or if the international community, especially the Arab world, had pressured Hamas to stop attacking Israel.

No innocent Palestinians would be in danger if Hamas terrorists did not deliberately hide among them. If the peace-seeking Palestinians prevented the terrorists from living in their midst, Israel would have no reason to come to their neighborhoods.

It is a tragedy whenever innocent lives are lost, and Israelis have consistently expressed their sadness over Arab casualties. By contrast, when innocent Israelis are murdered by terrorists, Hamas holds rallies to celebrate the murders.

even with the incontrovertible fact that I doubt it could have lots impression, i might say specific on your question. It would not quite which way Israel is going. that’s the whipping boy of the international. humorous, isn’t it, how for months, our friendly terrorist group Hamas grew to become into lobbing missles into Israel and no person in the international suggested lots approximately it. Then, whilst Israel ultimately had adequate and retaliated final December, every physique grew to become so worried relating to the adverse Palestinians. lots BS from the United countries and particularly some the international information media. If the different u . s . a . had to handle the crap that Israel places up with, do you think of that u . s . a . might nevertheless stay to tell the story without attacking?

&quot:No one was wounded in the attack&quot: – From link you posted.
&quot:there is no indication of casualties&quot: – BBC News
&quot:There were no casualties reported in the rocket attacks.&quot: – Al Jazeerah
&quot:One rocket damaged a school, which was empty for Shabbat, the Jewish rest day, the military said.&quot: News24

Ok so there was not one person who was injured. The reason for this was because it was Shabbat. Do you honestly think they didn’t know that there wouldn’t be anyone in the school? Seriously, use your common sense, if they wanted to kill people wouldn’t they have attacked on a different day then today?

&quot:1 FELL IN A SCHOOL YARD, if today was a school day dozens would be killed and wounded&quot:

And yet during the Gaza attack Israel attacked a UN school which did kill over 40 people. But that’s perfectly ok right?

In response to your actual question, no Israel should not attack Gaza. No one died, be a little humane and recognize that not one person died or was injured. And if Israel are going to attack Gaza once more, you know that people – who probably already need help to deal with what happened – will suffer more then they have done. More people will die. More people will be injured. More children and women will die. More children will be left as orphans. More houses will be rubble. More homes will be lost. More shelter will be needed. More aid will be needed. More people will be in hospital. More people will be left hungry. More people will be left without electricity. More people will be left without safe clean water.

I mean honestly, have Israel not done enough already?

The rig is up, Miron
Your brave Jewish compadres had a chance of going over to Gaza and GET OUT OF THEIR VEHICLES, and at least try to arrest the Hamas &amp:Co. chief executives.
Nah !! They didn’t do this, dooode, instead they all put on their black leather jackets, their black leather boots, their black leather 3/4 coats and black hats and tried to play Holocaust from inside their cozy,warm and safe underground missile bases.
Well, i maybe a stupid girl but even me can tell you that they all acted very foolishly.
Didn’t you see what happened?
Ok, Ok, easy now, …tell me 1 (ONE) country that doesn’t want the jews to join the German Nazis in the Hague (I can hear you say: &quot:The Hague ?, Qu’est-ce que c’est ?&quot:)
One, that’s all I am asking of you, just 1 (please don’t say Israel, OK? that’s…cheating).
Are you happy with the way your brave marx brothers handled this conflict? Answer me, please.
How about Persia then? Hmmm?
The jews have a nice fat Persian satellite cruising over their heads 24/7 recording everything on Israel right now. Do you know this? Hmmm?
The same Persians have already on the ground some Russian made hyperscooternalisticaboom tech bombs that the jews have no antidote for them.
Also, the same Persians that you wanted to bomb so bad a few months ago (and you never had the courage to do it without the Americans) have ………Tada!! NUKES !!!
So I am asking you

&quot:Should Israel attack Gaza again?&quot:
(Or play chicken?)

Heh heh heh, I am good!
I am beautiful, baby!
(and stupid of course)
Kisses XXX

If the first attack didn’t stop the rockets what makes you think the second will? 60 years of force abuse against Palestinian people should be enough for a normal person to realize that it is not effective method against the greatest Palestinian people of Gaza who will always be remembered by history as heroes who stood against strongest war machine on earth…

Talking about school yards:

zionits terrorists hit a school yard full of Palestinians who lost their homes with white phosphorus and rockets:…

Notice also that it was not empty like in you case and the weapons used were very accurate unlike Hamas home made rockets…

Every day Israel continues tightening it’s control over the concentration camp it has created for Palestinians in Gaza is another day of continued assaults on innocents.

Israel has never stopped attacking the poor Palestinians -it’s about time they treated them with humanity.

This is them crying out to the world. so the answer is NO, they should not due a repeat of the same.

It does not take much knowledge to know how to solve this conflict that has been going on for 60 year. Israel can do it if they wanted to, and the Palestinians can do it as well if they tried.

They both have to meet each other halfway.

No, because it’s no use. The last attacked weakened Hamas. The better (although not preferred) would be to occupy Gaza again.

There is a simpler way:

Lift the blockade and open borders. If suicide bombings and rocket attacks increase……………restart the occupation of Gaza once again.

There is no cease fire Israel rejected the cease fire. The Israeli Airplanes attack Gaza daily and rockets are not but a reactions to the Israeli attacks.

You know I’m (as well as dozens of other people i know) are getting sick of this.

No you should not attack Gaza?
Why you ask?
It’s because Israel has murdered thousand of Innocent civilians who have done nothing wrong.
You’re Nazi government has done enough, give it a rest already.

Israel is responding to the proportion of the attacks, destroying smuggle tunnels, etc.

Hamas and other terror groups are rearming, many of these rockets are coming from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the military wing of Fatah, Israel’s &quot:peace partner&quot:.

If rockets start falling down like it did in November and December, just under 500 rockets, Israel has full moral right to re-enter Gaza.

This will go around and around in circles, the world media will stay quiet on attacks against Israel, until it decides to act again. The world citizens will not protest against attacks on Israel, therefore terrorists inside Gaza have no pressure on them to stop as if they had full support from the world.

To brake this circle, total annihilation of terrorist groups in Gaza and repatriation of civilians to Arab countries that share most responsibility for this conflict.

A must read on Operation Cast Lead and International Law:…

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