Reverts to Islam. Do you sometimes feel more at ease with Muslims than non-Muslim relatives?

I had my sister here the last week and it was great to see her. But I sometimes feel its kind of weird because we live very different lives, different priorities etc and I sometimes feel like we do not have much in common beyond the family bond. When I am with my Muslim friends I feel more of a connection sometimes. Anyone else feel this way?

@Maars: Dannng Girl. And they call us Muslims brainwashed.

But to the question, i know just how you feel sis. That connection you talk about is the bond that the Ummah shares and comes from Iman. When I’m at one of my Muslim friends house, you can just feel the difference in the air. I really wish I could share that bond with my family. And Inshallah one day I might. I love being around those who share my love for Islam, why do you think I spend so much time on Y!A..I have made lots of friends here alhamdulillah..

I love all my brothers and sisters. We are an awesome ummah!!

I also like the fact that to chat to another Muslim, you don’t need to know their name. Just call them bro or sis =D

As-salamu alaikum.

I feel exactly as you do. I love my family and Islam says I have to do them justice and keep in contact so I do. But it is often hard. I went to visit my parents over winter break and they just don’t understand. I will always respect my parents and do all I can to do justice because that is my Islamic duty but I feel more connected to my Islamic family.

Try telling your Muslim &quot:family&quot: you no longer believe in Islam and see how loving they really are compared to your biological family. The problem is yours rather then your sister’s. She see’s you first as her sibling but you see her first as a non-Muslim. Think about it. I dare you. It may be that subconsciously you &quot:understand&quot: that you sister is bound for hellfire anyway so you distant yourself emotionally from blood family who are not Muslim.

Yes, I feel like I am Relaxed and cared for around other Muslims, But with my Family and Non Muslims, I have this Erie feeling, and a Un-Easy feeling around them.

There is always some tension too, but unspoken though.

yeah i feel exactly the same,think its hard to find things in common with.sometimes it doesn’t feel as i think a family should but when your life’s are so different i guess its just the way it is.

yes some time i don’t understand my Muslim brothers and sisters

See, I am not sure of your location or your particular situation but I am an American raised Christian…

So you can imagine the contempt that my family has for me.

They are so SCARED to even talk with me…
When I make dawa they get nervous so I just plant the seeds &amp: trust Allah!

I just remind myself, that I don’t make Muslims, Allah does!!!

Stay strong in Allah Sis!!!

Yes sister, its the same with me too 🙂 ..
Good Day..God bless..
Take care..

Maars :
I was a Christian and did study the difference well, and Allah called me 🙂
I dont think to believe in faith is to study the differences well[ I mean diffrentiate among different religions and choose which u feel is true ]..
Sorry if I am sounding harsh..
Good day..

Yes… my dads family r Armenians and they dont like us just because we r different

i converted from sunni to Muslim,and i feel much better

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