Problem playing Youtube videos :(?

I just switched to Firefox because I my frustration with IE reached a new peak. I have absolutely no trouble on my desktop PC running XP pro with youtube. However, on my laptop, running XP tablet edition, Youtube will not play ANY videos. A black screen loads in place of the video. I have repeatedly updated Adobe Flash Player and am sure that I am running the most recent version (I have checked this multiple times). I also am sure that I have javascript enabled. I have restarted the laptop, but still the videos won’t play. I even switched back to IE (I hadn’t uninstalled it) and videos won’t play in there either, so I reinstalled flash player through IE to no avail. Please help, I’m all out of ideas. I’m about to declare it yet another quirk with tablets, much like how Yahoo! will only load in the mobile version instead of in full. Ten points to whoever helps!

since you can’t even access or watch videos).

First and foremost: What happens when you press &quot:F5&quot:, or hit the &quot:Refresh&quot: icon?
If that actually solves your problem, great. If not, get ready for a really long answer:

Because lots of YouTubers are asking about screens/players
which are blank or all black, I recently spent 2 hours googling,
researching, and reading dozens of help forums &amp: discussion
threads. The best that I was able to come up with is: There is
no perfect solution out there. However there was 1 interesting
factor in nearly everything I came across: Firefox.

A few people seemed to discover their own unique solution to
this problem, but no one else was able to duplicate the same
result. Also, every one of those apparent solutions was overly
complicated and written in such convoluted bafflegab &quot:techno-
computerese&quot: that I would not dream of recommending those
potential fixes to anybody.

However, I also did come across 5 somewhat easier possible
solutions, so check these out:

1) If you are using a Mac with Firefox, logging out of YouTube
supposedly restores everything.

2) One person found success by simply clicking the following:
go to в†’ Tools в†’ Quick Preferences в†’ Edit Site Preferences
в†’ Network tab в†’ Browser Identification в†’ Identify as Firefox.

3) Three other people said all they needed to do was delete a
secondary Flash player called &quot:Gnash&quot:.

4) If you’ve got the Firefox add-on &quot:Adblock Plus&quot:, that is also
wreaking havoc with Youtube.

5) The last possibility is for you to double-check your internet
connection if it’s slow or weak — because several people said
that they always see &quot:1 item remaining&quot: or &quot:Loading…&quot: in the
bottom left corner of their browser screen.

If you are interested in researching this subject matter further,
please feel free to type any of these into Google’s search box:
в€™ youtube &quot:blank screen&quot:
в€™ youtube &quot:blank player&quot:
в€™ youtube &quot:blank box&quot:
в€™ youtube &quot:black screen&quot:
в€™ youtube &quot:black player&quot:
в€™ youtube &quot:black box&quot:

If none of the above is your answer, let me suggest what I tell
so many other folks when YouTube gets slow, stuck or weird:
Clear your &quot:cache&quot: of all &quot:Cookies&quot:, &quot:History&quot: and &quot:Temporary
Internet Files&quot:. What I call my &quot:CHTIF Triple Cure&quot: has solved
100’s of YouTubers’ problems. So why not yours? Just do the
following, then shutdown and reboot:

Internet Explorer 6:
в†’ Tools в†’ Internet Options
в†’ Delete Cookies в†’ OK
в†’ Delete Files в†’ OK
в†’ Clear History в†’ Yes
в†’ OK

Internet Explorer 7:
в†’ Tools в†’ Internet Options &gt: Delete…
в†’ Delete files в†’ Yes
в†’ Delete cookies в†’ OK
в†’ Delete history в†’ OK
в†’ Close (browsing history window)
в†’ OK

Internet Explorer 8:
в†’ Tools в†’ Delete Browsing History
[. ] Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
[x] Temporary Internet files
[x] Cookies
[x] History
в†’ Delete

Mozilla Firefox 3:
в†’ Tools в†’ Clear Private Data
[x] Browsing History
[x] Download History
[x] Saved Form and Search History
[x] Cache
[x] Cookies
в†’ Clear Private Data Now

If you have any type of &quot:Accelerator&quot:, dump it, burn it, trash it,
disable it, uninstall it, because it eventually stops YouTube in
its tracks. Also, there are several &quot:Messenger&quot: programs that
are notorious for doing the same.

The only other idea I can think of is that you have a corrupted
flash player. The most recent versions of Flash are frustrating
lots of YouTubers. Updates are typically good for only 1 thing:
software conflicts. If you are using 1 of the 8 different versions
of version 10 (yes there are 8), you may want to consider this
Asker’s feedback comment to another &quot:Best Answer&quot: of mine:…
If that looks very interesting to you, here’s the appropriate link:…

If you are able to determine the &quot:cause&quot: and the &quot:cure&quot:, could
you please click on my avatar and let me know by writing me.

If you can’t see videos online, you have to install the new version of Adobe Flash Player.
You can download Adobe Falsh Player here

well if you are new to firefox, you should install the flash player through firefox. Oh and have you tried visiting Mozilla add on website, you should just go there too.… after you installed that. I have a good pack of collections I created, which are all the basic things you need.…

Have you also tried restarting the browser?

Oh and if all else fails, just use chrome, second best browser or opera, 3rd best.

Using your firefox browser visit:, install and restart. It should work.

you need to re-install the flash (the correct way).

.. make sure all the browsers are NOT running during installation…


2. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic.
Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother.

Or you could watch it offline smoothly… try using ‘zillatube’ .

It works very well….just google search for &quot:zillatube&quot:, and select the first search result for download…

i dont think it has anything to do with firefox or ie..IMHO ur internet connection just very slow (doesnt it?) and that what cause ur problem…correct me if im wrong….

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