Obama or Romney 2012?

I wanna know your opinions! 🙂 State who you’d like to see win &amp: why.

Personally, I want Obama to win. I dislike that Romney wants to take away abortion &amp: Plan Parent Hood. Based on the debates I think he’s rude &amp: cocky.

I would want Obama to be elected president again. I think that he has really helped America get back on its feet. Now i’m not saying that America is at it’s best, but we are in a lot better condition compared to four years ago. People keep on saying that Obama hadn’t done anything to help fix Americas conditions over the past four years. But let me remind you that it’s not Obamas fault that some dick ****** our country up before he was able to step in and do anything about it. And if you believe that fixing this country only takes four years after eight years of damage, you’re a fool. People have to know that it’s a lot harder to fix things than it is to destroy things. I think that if Obama is given an extra four years, he could make amazing changes for America. Besides, Romney is just saying what the people want to hear. What he says he is going to do it total B.S. At least we know Obama can keep his word in trying to build this country back up again. OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!!

Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, the Great State of North Carolina(my state), and Virginia- all for Romney


Its all over…
Congratulations Democrats – Sanity and Goodness wins over Ignorance and Hatred.

Bookies have only failed to call it right once since 1916. Pollsters do not end up in the East River if they get it wrong.
Romney’s odds have collapsed over the past few hours.



O.M.F.G.! VA &amp: NC! lower back! They went for Ob in ’08. Carter carried the completed South in ’76 diverse than one state. wager which one: VA. There flow 2 bodily effective pillars of The solid South GOP Base. Article says lengthy major is hurting GOP for Nov. Oh, ouch, GOP.


i dont like romney either but there needs to be a change

obama llama
Edit: Oh yeah, because this country is going to be all happy and great after 4 years, because one stupid idiot f*cked it up for 8? No, it’s obviously going to take time.

My president is black.

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