Is fair that blue states make the most money and pay the most taxes yet the red states receive more from fed?

Why should the Blue states pay to keep the red states afloat when they complain about taxes in don’t produce.

Arizona is a red state and it produces copper, cotton, and citrus -along with other cash crops.
Ummmm…. Do you have a link to support your unsubstantiated evidence?
Why is it that California, a blue state, is completely bankrupt and receiving a huge chunk of the federal &quot:bailout&quot:? Answer me that. Get some facts then come back to pose a legitimate question.

Most &quot:Red&quot: states are doing fine, while &quot:Blue&quot: states like California and New York are going down the drain in debt.

Once the public learns that you cannot punish the rich with taxes and expect to create jobs, the quicker the economically collapsing blue states will recover.

When have you ever been offered a job from a poor person. Trickle up economics only pulls everyone down and no one can get a step-up.

I see this argument a lot on here and it lacks any validity. Look at the size and population of New York, California…etc. Of course those states are going to produce more tax money. When you look across America at the individual people contributing the majority of the tax revenue in this country, whatever insinuations you are trying to make will be the exact opposite.

Have you ever looked at the percentage of minorities and compared red states to blue states?

Red states average a 30% minority population

Blues States average a 8% minority population.

Now if you moved all those minorities to blue states, what do you think those statistics would look like then ?

Blue states are basic white states, who force any minorities that do live there, into ghettos.

Many red states have more agricultural needs which support the rest of the country (by providing food) which is heavily heavily subsidized by the government.

And many red states have more national parks which make no money, pay no taxes, but are very expensive but take up room, but these were lands bought up by Democrats.

Both of these processes don’t produce much state revenue, but are important to the overall health of out nation and need government support to exist (well, at least agriculture is, not parks. very wasteful spending).

But it is true what he said. Here’s some proof.…

But again, this money is going towards agricultural services which are very very important and towards parks and environmental research (Democratic pet projects so don’t blame the red for that)

The money is appropriated for specific programs, not for state preference. At least the reds aren’t in debt up to their ears…

blue states like california? Where 3 of the 5 richest counties are heavy republican areas?

the southern states rejected most of the money from the package, get your facts straight.

Source? Facts? Didn’t think so. Do you even know the truth when you are confronted with it?

there is nothing fair or logical the way the government collects or spends tax dollars.

You better check your facts…You are back assward!

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