If the moon blocks the sun, is the moon bigger than the sun?

Walk outside, and put your hand over the sun. Does that mean your hand is bigger than the sun?

Clearly the sun is more massive than the moon. I mean like the sun is more massive than earth or even Jupiter or both of them combined. Our moon is the fifth largest moon in the solar system with an average diameter of 3,475km the sun on the other has a diameter of 1.3914 million km (400 times bigger than the moon.) So why can it cover the whole sun? Well this is where it gets interesting. It just so happens (completely by chance) that while the sun IS about 400 times bigger the moon is about 400 closer. This phenomena causes the two to like very similar in size. If it still doesn’t quite make sense think of it like this: you see a very bright star in the night sky. You know that star is millions light years away, but you put your thumb in between it and your eye. Just your finger is not much closer to the star or bigger but you can’t see it because your thumb is much closer and it’s all about angles. ( sorry it’s so short the stupid word limit cut me off. I deleted my first paragraph)

If you hold your hand up to block the sun… DOes this mean your hand is also bigger? It is about distance from the 2 objects


No, It is an effect of distance.

That’s what it tells its girlfriend.

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Look at that truck at the end of the block. It doesn’t look very big, does it, even though you know that it’s large?

The Sun is eight light minutes away, the Moon is less than three light seconds away. This makes the Sun 160 times further away from us than the Moon. The Moon is much, much smaller than the Sun, but it is much closer.

By the way, the Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth. It is our luck that in our time the Moon and the Sun appear to be the same size today. In a few thousand years the Moon will look smaller than the Sun.


Hold out your arm straight towards your TV. Close one eye and look along your arm. Is about 25% of the TV covered? Your fist is much smaller than your TV screen, but it is much closer to your eye. For the same reason, a small nearby moon 384,400 km away can block a huge but distant sun 149,000,000 km away

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