If a Red Sox fan gets Lou Gehrigs Disease?

If a Red Sox fan gets Lou Gehrigs Disease do they hide it from family members for fear of not being invited to Christmas dinner OR do they just say they have ALS?

Good question. The probably just say they have ALS.

While we’re on the subject, did you ever wonder what the odds are that Lou Gehrig would die of Lou Gehrig’s disease?
I mean, he gets a disease named after him, and then he goes and dies from that same disease. What a coincidence!

As a huge Red Sox fan, it’s disrespectful not to honor Lou Gehrig as not only one of the greatest of all time but as a great man as well. You’ll always get the yahoo’s (No offense Y!) that won’t associate anything to do with the Yankees with themselves.

Gehrig’s only problem was that he was often overshadowed by the Babe, like in 1927 when Ruth hit his 60 HR’s.

That’s why Red Sox fans have such a notorious reputation for being @$$holes. A bunch of drunks looking for a fight or looking to start crap when they know that if they saw A-Rod on the street they would want his autograph. I wouldn’t even go as far as calling them true fans. Most Red Sox fans nowadays are bandwagon because the Red Sox just RECENTLY won 2 world series. A true fan would be someone who loved them before they won the series. And seriouslly the &quot:Yankees Suck!&quot: chant has got to go. Hats off to A-Rod though who after the game responded, &quot:No, and that’s it.&quot: when he was asked if he thought the pitch was intentional. But then again, as everyone else has mentioned, there are classless fans. There are anti-Yankee fans and I’m an anti-Boston fan (I hate the Celtics too). They cheered when A-Rod got hit, I cheered when we stole Damon from them! And I will also cheer when Joba beans Youklis again too! LETS GO YANKEES!

I think they’d say they have ALS. I think they’ll realize that getting treatment and surviving is a lot better than &quot:being invited to Christmas dinner&quot: and then dying afterwards. There really isn’t anything wrong with a Red Sox fan getting ALS, and if they don’t tell their family members they have ALS, the consequences are worse than if they do.

I’d say they hide it so they can get into the dinner. The family will find out eventually, just sometime after Christmas dinner. =]

I would tell because it’s a serious disease. But it’s kind of weird if it happened.

just say you have ALS

This is a screwed up question. What kind of sick twisted crap goes through that tiny thing called a mind.

A failed attempt at humor. I would have thought more of you.

Seriously WHY HIDE IT?

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