How do I tell my husband I don’t want him to be a Truck Driver?

My husband of 2 years has always wanted to be a truck driver. He has an opportunity to be a truck driver now making good money but he is going over the road. He says he should be able to be home on the weekends but it might not always happen. He is gone a lot now for work because he works 60 plus hours a week but he is home nights and sundays. We have two very young children and they both beg for his attention they just want there daddy. I just don’t want to be alone. Everyone says I am holding him back and not letting him fulfill his dream but I feel like he needs to be home with his family. Money isn’t everything to me , family is. I guess I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to hold him back. Please give me some suggestions or advice.

My cousin and his wife are in a similar situation. He works away, comes home on the weekends. He is a devoted husband, madly in love with his wife, keeps in touch with his family on a daily basis – talks to the kids before they leave for school every morning, and calls to say good night every night. It is a little hard on her, but she manages to find time for herself, and they also spend quality time together on the weekends – with and without their children. I stayed with the children one summer, while she went on the road with him. They had lots of fun. Sometimes you just have to look at what’s best for your family as a whole. Who knows, he may decide he doesn’t like being away from you, and quit. You can hold him back, but he will always have the dream stuck in his head, and he may blame you, resent you for it? I would give it a trial period, see how it goes for all of you, him being a truck driver, and re-assess. Good luck!

Its something he has always wanted to do but when he gets the chance to do it he may not like it. Also its not like he’s going on a deployment for 12-15 months. I think you should support him for a few months til he gets sick of being away from the family all the time and then try not to say I told you so. Its not the worst thing he could want to do. At least he will be home for some period of time each week. He isn’t going off and joining the military in a time of war.

Personally my cousin and my uncle both went over the road. After two months of it they both got sick and started running loads they could be home every night with. My cousin made it a bit longer then my uncle but both of them within six months gave up on the long distance trips and the most they would run now is a two day trip. You don’t want to seem unsupportive so just try it out. It may not be as bad as you think.

You seem to have a difference in your values. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his family, but it is unfair of you to tell him no. You are satisfied with your life because you have family, and while family is satisfying, dreams need to be fulfilled to truly be happy in life. You’re right and the people around you are right, it’s unfair to hold him back. Talk to him and let him know you love him and your kids love him, and while the job is important you want him to remember family is a priority in his life. Make sure when he’s home he sees the kids a lot and shows his love for them. If they want more of his attention, have him bring home treats so they’ll look forward to his visit. Compromise, but make sure you’re both happy.

Let him do it. He’ll probably get tired of it quickly. It’s no picnic. I know you don’t want to be alone, and I know you don’t want the children to not have their dad around, but think of his need to provide for his family and also realize that if he is dead set on this, you could lose him anyway.

You’re better off being the supportive wife than to make him choose.

if he truly wants to become a truck driver………there is absolutely nothing you should or could do to keep him from it.

He has to make the decision what is more important to him……being a truck driver or staying in a job that he hates just so that he doesnt have to be away from you and the kids a lot.

Tell him, in a perhaps nicer way, that its not just him and his wants in the relationship, there is also you and your kids that he needs to be there for, tell him you need and want him at home, hes your husband and father of your kids, you guys would like to spend time with him and would miss him very much

If he has always wanted to be a truck driver surely you knew that before you married. Or is it that now you are his wife you want him to change!

its gonna be hard on you and the kids but you need to let him at least try this. it maybe he’ll find out that all the stuff that goes with trucking isn’t for him. there’s dealing with dispatch,customers,fuel desk people and a variety of other things that aren’t all glamor. good luck.

Just tell him how you feel. I know sometimes the pay is good, but he will be gone all of time. Plus, truck drivers do a lot of drugs to stay awake get a lot of hookers at the truck stops.

Tell him Straight up how you feel. It sucks to be a married single parent. Trust me I had to do it while my husband was in Iraq for a year. It was not good for my sanity or for our child. Kids need both their parents. Unless you guys are swimming in debt and really need the cash, i would say hell no!

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