Here is another day and my older 1 1/2 year old male cat licked my 3-4 month old female kittens tail and foot?

Does this mean that he is starting to accept her a bit more? I still will not put her down next to him because he is about 12 lbs and she is 2.9 lbs. I have her in her separate room still. He is sulking alot and I don’t want him to change his personality. This is day 4 of bringing her home, but I wonder how long it will take or if I should take her back to the shelter since I don’t want her to get hurt.

If your cat has lived without another cat until now, he’s not going to accept her. If I were in your situation, I would take the cat back to the shelter. the new cat will always be an intruder. Also cats are very jealous. It’s dangerous to bring a shelter cat to your house unless you’ve taken him to a good Vet and had it completely tested for infestation, and disease. They don’t do anything at shelters worth mentioning. When I say tested by a Vet, I mean the full series that can cost more than buying a purebred The licking incident is not a sign of affection if it was brief, and just in those
two areas. Curiousity, sensing something in that area and tasting are not signs of affection.
The new cat will always be an invader in your cat’s space.

It does sound like he’s warming up to her, I would put them in the same room and see how they do. If it doesn’t work try it the tomorrow, then the day after, and then keep doing that for awhile, and if he doesn’t show any sigh of warming up to her you may want to take her back to the shelter or always have them in different rooms.

It is a good sign, actually. But don’t force them to be together all the time. Let her out every day for longer periods of time each day. It will probably take weeks, if not months for them to work out their boundaries with each other. Don’t worry, it sounds like things are going very well so far.

Good luck!

what you can do it put peanut butter on their faces and set them down, they will be distracted licking eachothers face to be rough. Also get the older cats blankets and rub the kitten with it, if the kitten smells like him he will be more inclined to be nice than mean. But your going to need to put the kitten down and let him meet it because not letting him near it is going to make him jealous and cause behavioral problems with him.

If he is fixed and doesnt like the kitten most likely he will run away from it.

You need to start integrating them, they will work out the relationship if you steer clear. Let them have time together, you can watch from a distance to make sure all is well, but let them set the pace of acceptance. They may surprise you and be instantaneous.

He is starting to accept her.

He is being sulky because everytime he sees her, you’re holding her. From his point of view, you are picking a favorite and it’s not him. So, of course, his feelings are hurt. You need to start putting the kitten down and giving him lots of attention in the kittens presence so he will start feeling like he’s not being replaced.

You have to let them both meet each other. Eventually both of the cats will get along. Its not fair to keep one cat in a room. Cats need to run around.

He’s grooming her and this means he is accepting her. I doubt he could really hurt her at this point, but try observing them together for long periods of time and encourage them to play together to see how rough he plays. Give him a chance to play &quot:uncle&quot:. My neutered male was uncle to a litter of kittens and he was so sweet to them.

don’t force contact. they will get used to each other, let them contact each other as they will when you are there to inter seed if necessary. a kitten can defend herself just fine in most cases! a kitten claw across a nose will put a cat in his place real fast!

yea sounds that he is warming up to her. It shouldn’t take long for them to become good friends 🙂 maybe about a week or two.

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