have you ever bought or sold anything on e-bay?

of significant value (&amp:gt:$1000)

Yes, I have been a sales manager for ebay drop off stores for several years. I have sold thousand and thousands of items along with cars, homes, property, time shares, collectibles and tons tons more.

Grassy has purchased many items from Ebay, probably 3 or 4 old tintype cowboy outlaw and civil war photographs over $1000.

Grassy really like vintage outlaws with gunbelts

I’ve browsed a few times on e-bay but never have bought anything. And I’m quite certain I won’t.

I sold over 200 items on Ebay

But the most expensive one was only $170.00

No but I did buy a rare Barbie Doll for my daughter and some Pepsi bottles for my Uncle for Christmas.

I can honestly say I’ve never bought anything on E-Bay.

No. I’ve bought a few things here and there, but nothing expensive.


No…biggest purchase was $300…

Nowhere near that close

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