Grade your favorite NFL team so far?

Denver Broncos
Offense= B-
Defense= A+++
Special Teams= B
(yes i know our schedule gets harder)


Offense-B…Looked sloppy and out of sync in the 1st 2 weeks…Brady showed he is still the best QB in the last 5 minutes of the game against the Bills, and bailed out the team singled-handedly by throwing 2 TDs in the last 5 minutes…but as he has said, they can’t be doing that all season…

Still not perfect, but Tom Brady looks like he’s finally warming up after the knee injury, and the Patriots found a running game (Fred Taylor) as of this past weekend. Hope Taylor starts at RB this year from now on…Taylor will retire in a couple years. Sammy Morris and Laurence Maroney will still be around and can battle it out to start then…

Defense-B-…Like the O, the D looked sloppy in the first 2 weeks, but starting to get better…

Special Teams-C…Has shown lapses in coverage, especially against the Jets…Patriots could have been 1-2, but won the game against the Bills thanks to a fumble by the Bills special teams…and then the usual Tom Brady magic when down by 11 with less than 5 minutes to go…

Your team might be 3-0 after a LUCKY win against the Bengals, beating the lifeless Browns, and spanking the Raiders who’s quarterback didn’t even throw for more than 100 yards, but you might want to hold off on giving the Broncos an A+++ on offense.

Offense = B- (made some big plays, but why wait until the 4fh qtr?)
Defense = D (anybody seen Shawme Merriman?)
Special Teams = A (Darren Sproles &amp: Mike Scifries just RULE!)

Overall Grade = C
Darren Sproles is absolutely amazing to watch, but we need a downhill running half back or full back to charge up the middle for some 5-7 yard gains. 7 trips to the red zone and only 5 fieldgoals at one point? NOT GOOD! Our defense looks like it might be improving and we have some of the best pass coverage in the league with Jammer &amp: Cromartie, but where’s our pass rush? Paging Shawne Merriman, please report to the game!


Offense D+

Defense A-

Special teams B

Miami Dolphins:
Offense= F
Defense= F
Special Teams= F

Chicago Bears
Offense= C
Defense= B
Special Teams= B

Pittsburgh Steelers
Offense= C-
Defense= B-
Special Teams= B+

Dallas Cowboys
Quarterback C-
Offense B
Defense C-
Tackling F
Secondary D
Coaching/Playcalling D
Discipline F

Seattle Seahawks
Offense- B
Defense- B
Special Teams- B

I add another category

Injuries- F

We have 9 starters out right now. Same as last year. Seattle would be fine if it had its

QB- Hasselbeck
FB- Justin Griffith
LT- Walter Jones
RT- Sean Locklear
RG- Rob Sims
ROLB- Leory Hill
MLB- Lofa Tatupu
CB- Marcus Trufant
CB- Ken Lucas
CB- Josh Wilson

Seattle is playing with 4th and 5th string Corners. 2 backup linebackers and a rookie LB aaron curry. Seneca wallace is good but no Hasselbeck.

When seattle has its actually starters back then i would re consider this.

Minnesota Vikings

Offense: A-
WR B- (except Percy Harvin (A)

Defense B
Special teams C

Overall A
Two road wins &amp: a tough home win against a good San Francisco team. Vikings teams of years past would be 1-2 right now, but with Favre’s leadership we are 3-0 &amp: I think will be 4-0 playing an average Packers team in the dome!!! 49ers are better than the Pack!!!

Baltimore Ravens

Offense = B+
Defense = B+
Special Teams = C-

Dallas Cowboys. I have to break it down a little more
Offense breakdown:
QB play- C
Running game- A+
WR play- B

Defensive Breakdown:
Stopping the run-B
Pass Rush- D
Pass Coverage- C-

Special Teams play- B+

Right now Dallas is inconsistent. Like last night the Defense got straight A’s. In week 1 the run defense got a F, but the last 2 weeks they have earned A’s. In week 1 Romo earned an A, last week he got a F, last night he got a solid B. It is driving me crazy as each component of the Team has a solid A game they just do not bring it each week

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