Gas prices in Canada???

I just looked up comparison gas charts for the U.S. and Canada, and I dont understand how to figure out the Canadian gas prices..
ie.. Us averages $3.77 per gallon, and it says
Newfoundland is $135.292. I dont know how to read that.. So how much would that be in Us dollars?

1.35 a litre, our litre is roughly 2.5 litre per us gallon.

We use the metric system for volume. So the price in Newfoundland would be $1.35 per litre.

In Canada its the metric litre. In the US its the US gallon. 1 gallon=3.79 litre.

Because we use a different unit of measure, that $135.292 is actually $1.35/ litre. Since there are approx. 2.5 litres in one gallon, our gas price in gallons is about $3.37 / gallon.


idk but canadian gallons are beter there 168 fluid onces and american gallons are 128 galllons

dont no

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