Does age make a difference on here?

I was thinking about this last night, I am 20 and have only had one child and was wondering if other Mums took my answers seriously sometimes.

So my Q is, on here, does age make a difference to if you listen to another Mums advice?

EG. If a 15 year old answers your Q regarding Colic in your baby, would you listen to her advice or ignore it because she is young?

This is a genuine Q, not meant to hurt anyones feelings or anything,my personal stance is if the info is correct etc, then I will listen to whoever regardless of age.

I listen to someones answer because it makes sense, it is intelligently written, and it would genuinely help me. How I feel has not a thing to do with age. Some of those youngster mothers have been through, and know MUCH more than I do =))

*Edit* I think the mother that is 30 and has a baby a month behind yours thinks her poppy smells like roses, or of course she is the best mother in the universe because she waited until she was older to have a child. Sometimes I think a younger mother might have the most common sense when it comes to having little kids, because they are closer to that realm of childhood that someone of older age. Of course I am not saying 30 is old…I am just saying maybe she doesn’t realize you are just as involved in your child as she is, and maybe you DO know something about something. Anyways, I am sorry to rant, but take her snobbishness with your head held high, because in the end, how your child is faring in the end in much more important than some rag of a woman.

t I’ve dated women 10 years younger, and slightly older. So don’t worry about it. A colleague of mine at work has recently married a guy 15 years older than her, and they are very happy. I think age differences mean more when you are in your teens and early 20s – because 3 or 4 years seems like such a long time. But don’t worry about it. If you really like her,stick around but don’t be too keen. That is ALWAYS a bad move and it will just put her off – and that’s what you do not want!. Just be there for her, and wait for her to see the light. It might be an idea to start friendships with other girls too. Then if she really likes you: you’ll soon know it because she will no doubt show her true feelings if she thin

Well for a start unless you look at every ones profile you wouldn’t really know. I mean I am your fan but I didn’t know you was 20. And if you didn’t look at my profile you wouldn’t know how old I was.

I listen to advise from anyone regardless of age. I could post a question about colic and get really crappy answers from Mums who are in their 30’s with 4 children each but the best advice could be from a 13 yr old who’s baby sister had the exact same problem.

Edit. I think in life it is a little bit different. I think people do tend to judge people because of their ages and are less likely to take advice.

I’m 22 and my fiancГ© is 30. To be honest, I tend to worry more about the way an answer is written. If there a lots of spelling/grammatical errors and it’s poorly worded or typed in all caps then I barely read it. Maybe more 15 year olds type poorly, but then there are 30 year old women on here that are just as bad. Also, I’d take advice less seriously if it was from a woman without a child – or a 15 year old giving advice based on experience with siblings/cousins etc.

i agree with vanessa, although if someone said in their answer, i’m 16 dont have a baby but i think.. and then if someone said well im 40 and i have 4 children, then i’d probably take advice from the 40yr old with experience, so nothing to do with age

i don’t think age makes a difference that much especially on y/a
although i know some people are horrible to teenage mums, i became a mum at 16 therefore i answer some of those questions and its horrible seeing some older people’s answers which are mainly along the lines of htis ‘ you should be out having fun, its unacceptable that you are a mum now’ etc and its horrible

sorri if this dosen’t make sense lol my daughters crying and i can’t concentrate

When kids answer a question with those weirdo text abbreviations or deliberate/ignorant misspellings, I don’t take the advice seriously regardless. That person clearly does not share my values.

I often read answers that I can just tell were written by less experienced parents. Good advice is good advice, regardless of where it comes from, but it’s very easy to spot advice from inexperienced parents.

Edit: She has been reading about breastfeeding and was stating facts. She was probably being rude, but statistically younger, lower income and less educated mothers don’t breastfeed. She just stumbled upon that factoid and felt the need to regurgitate it.

I would be more apt to overlook your answer because you’ve only been parenting for a few months. I’ve been doing it for 5 years, and I still don’t consider myself an expert on anything. Experience.

I’m 24, I have a 7 year old daughter and a 9 mth old son, I do know some look down on the fact I had my first young, but regardless I have gone through 2 pregnancies, gave birth twice and raised a 7 year old who is pretty well balanced. I do think there is the odd one who possibly skips over my answers but I feel the majority take any experienced advice they can get. I find it’s worse out in public, people are assuming my 9 mth old is my first and love to shower me with advice, I have to kindly state I have a 7 year old and have, been there – done that,lol. Best luck

Ageism persists I agree to that wholeheartedly. And most people do fall victim to ageism, yet continue to pass judgement on others.

To me no, age doesn’t make a difference, I am a weird cat though. Some of my closest most knowledgeable contacts are what I would consider young 22.

You can be informed at any age.

I’ve seen granny answers on here that are quite oldfashioned and not recommended. For example, teething, well we used to just massage the gums with whiskey, yeah I know but its not 1950 now. And then some mature answers are fabulous.

I think if you are a yahoo regular you have an idea about the age of most people.

I would listen regardless to age if the person has experience i there area my question was to do with. Im 23 and have 3 kids and want to be a midwife so I am very knowledgeable and like to answer the questions on here to help people out. I have often thought weather if they knew I was 23 if they would take any notice..i figure 3 kids and a million books etc is enough experience! haha

I dont think anyone really knows your age unless you say how old you are to be honest. Im happy to listen to all answers no matter how old they are aslong as they are giving good advise really. Im 21 and pregnant with my second baby so im quite a young mum, i dont have anything against young mums at all, some young mums no alot more than some older mums xxx

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