Do you guys think that Barack Obama should choose Hilary Clinton as his running mate?

As an Obama supporter, I don’t want to see Clinton on Obama’s ticket. I would rather have someone he knows well, like John Edwards. However, if a VP slot for Clinton is the only possible way for Obama to win the general election then I will take it with a large grain of salt.

Hillary sec of health, VP spot should go to gov. from Kansans.

I think she’s burned too many bridges…

he may chose a Hillary supporter to mend the divide… but I seriously doubt it will be Hillary…

If he does, he’d better learn to sleep with one eye open. I could just see her &quot:hatching a plan&quot: to become President, sooner than Obama would like…

No, too much baggage. Maybe a high cabinet position.

No, Cabinet position.

no too many conflicts however he wont win without her

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