Do Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same God?

I always thought they did, but then my aunt (who is married to a Pastor) told me that these are lies of the devil and that Jews and Christians worship the same God, but Muslims have another God.

Anyway, I am confused.
So, thanks for answering.

abraham is the father of the monotheistic idea of god…religions before abraham had multiple gods in charge of multiple things.
Abrahamic religions mean the religion is based in the belief that there is only one god.
That was brought forth first in judeaism from around 3000BCE and continues to this day. (about 5000 years old)
Christiainty started around the year 0 and still to this day (2000 years old).
Islam started with muhammad around 610…and has been around for about 1400 years.

Judeaism came first…then christianity broke off around year 0…and around 610 Muhmmad claimed to receive revelations from God.

I guess the best way to think about it is when God is capitalized, it is the abrahamic God. Polytheism is belief in multiple gods (lowercase g).

your aunt may be retarded….or at least has decided against those pesky things called education, information, and history.
She would rather believe in the devil (not proven to exist) as opposed to Islamic history (uhh….history…proven to have happened)

They all have the same personality that’s for sure.

Jesus is Lord.

Only Christians believe in Jesus Christ as their savior


Yes- money!

*cough* yes *cough*

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