Condoleezza Rice VS. Hillary Clinton?

who would you vote for? who would win? who do you think would make the better president?

I’d go for Rice.

She’s not running, though.

That’s a shame.

Condoleezza Rice will have an incredible career after the White House, President would not be her cup of tea. Hillary Clinton would move back into the White House call her cabinet together and they would be on a dead run. No one can stop her.

Let’s vote for hillary and let another clinton make a joke out of the whitehouse.

WHO would win? Hillary

Better President and my vote: Condolezza.

There is the problem. A better president is rarely electable. The American people are fickle. They want everything easy and are not willing to pay as you go.

I would vote for Conde, depends on who has the most money, Of Course, Conde represents truth and excellence, Hillary represents corrupt politics.

surely Sara and Condi, they are the two good females that have been given the place they are on their very own with intelligence and determination. Hillary could be no longer something yet a returned woods Arkansas criminal expert working land scams if no longer for invoice, and Oprah has no longer something extra going for her than she is wealthy off her “the terrible men and the ladies that love them teach”

I don’t think we are ready for a black woman president yet. If those were my 2 choices, I would have to vote for Hilary. I am not sure of her either.

rice seems to be everywhere. you read about her all the time. I don’t really know anything about Clinton, except that she’s loyal to her husband so maybe she could be loyal to the US more than someone named condoleezza. :)?

Rice all the way.

condoleezza….hillary can’t recall anything

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