Child of a Jewish Father, Gentile Mother?

If the child of a Jewish father and a Gentile mother wants to adhere to the Jewish faith, does he/she have to formally convert to Judaism like all other non-Jews do?

The Torah defines some one as a jew if they have converted to Judaism or if they have a Jewish MOTHER. Where do we see the fact that Torah mandates matrilineal descend and not patrilineal descent?
1) Avraham has three wives- Sarah, Hagar and Keturah. Between them he has 8 children- only Yitzchak is Jewish since only Sarah took on Avraham’s beliefs. If religion followed the father then all 8 children woul have been considered Jewish and all their descendants would have been Jewish- but only those of Yitzchak were
2) Yitzchak has two children- Esav and Ya’akov (Yisrael). Both of them have 12 children, but only those of a’akov are Jewish. Why? The wives of Ya’akov took on Jewish beliefs, those of Esav did not. If it went via patrilineal descent, all 24 children would have been jewish!
3) the Torah states in Devarim (Deuteronomy) Chapter 7:
4. For he will turn away your son from following Me, and they will worship the gods of others, and the wrath of the Lord will be kindled against you, and He will quickly destroy you. Ч“. Ч›ЦјЦґЧ™ Ч™ЦёЧЎЦґЧ™ЧЁ ЧђЦ¶ЧЄ Ч‘ЦјЦґЧ Ц°ЧљЦё ЧћЦµЧђЦ·Ч—ЦІЧЁЦ·Ч™ Ч•Ц°ЧўЦёЧ‘Ц°Ч“Ч•Цј ЧђЦ±ЦѕЧњЦ№Ч”ЦґЧ™Чќ ЧђЦІЧ—ЦµЧЁЦґЧ™Чќ Ч•Ц°Ч—ЦёЧЁЦёЧ” ЧђЦ·ЧЈ Ч™Ц°ЦѕЧ”Ц№Ч•ЦёЦѕЧ” Ч‘ЦјЦёЧ›Ц¶Чќ Ч•Ц°Ч”ЦґЧ©ЧЃЦ°ЧћЦґЧ™Ч“Ц°ЧљЦё ЧћЦ·Ч”ЦµЧЁ:

Why is there only a concern that the non-Jewish father will cause the children to abandon Judaism and the same concern is not expressed that the non-Jewish mother will cause the children to abandon Judaism? The answer should be apparent by now: Only the children of the non-Jewish father are jewish since they have a jewish mother- the same is not true of the children of the non-Jewish mother thus there is no concern her children will abandon Judaism since their father is not Jewish.

So, in your case the child would have to convert or they could not be considered Jewish. Note that just trying to claim you are Jewish will not work. Why not? When you want to join a Jewish cmmunity they ask for proof- this is generallt your ketubah (Jewish marriage document) or your parents ketubah. Since you can only hae a ketubah if you are Jewis, this generally serves as proof. Other forms of proof can be utilised but those need to be discussed with a rabbi (genetic testing is NOT accepted)

According to usual Jewish regulation, what makes any person a Jew is being born to a Jewish mother. It does no longer topic whether or not the father is Jewish. If any individual has a Jewish father and a gentile mom, they don’t seem to be considered Jewish. If they wish to be regarded Jewish, they are going to have to go by means of a proper conversion ritual just like any person else would. Of path, Judaism probably discourages intermarriage within the strongest viable phrases. Most Orthodox and Conservative rabbis won’t marry a couple where one associate shouldn’t be Jewish. But Reform rabbis are commonly inclined to marry them, and motivate the non-Jewish companion to transform. Conversion is just not an easy approach in Judaism, generally. It could take a year or more of learn, together with learning Hebrew: a promise to obey all 613 rules of average Jewish law (Halakha), a ritual bathtub of purification, and circumcision for guys. This undoubtedly explains why many husbands with Jewish other halves and kids are not too eager to convert to Judaism.

Outside of the USA (where apparently some Reform synagogues or groupings will accept someone as Jewish with a Jewish father only, if brought up as a Jew) the answer is an unequivocal yes, you would have to convert to Judaism like all other non-Jews. As I did, my father being Jewish.

Yes. Of course. If the mother is gentile, the kid is 100% gentile. This is sad today because so many kids think they’re Jewish because their father is not mother, and when they try and deepen faith and go to more non-reform Jewish organizations, it destroys them. I do know a girl in the process of orthodox conversion who’s mother converted conservative, therefor didn’t consider herself fully Jewish since reform and conservative conversion is debatable in terms of Halacha, Jewish law, and not fully recognized.

Such a person must formally convert to the Jewish faith according to mainstream traditional Judaism. Some Reform Jewish congregations would accept the child as Jewish if the person was raised as a Jew,all other traditional mainstream Jews would disagree.Karaite Jews,Samaritans and Kaifeng Chinese Jews used patrilineal Jewish decent in the past to trace Jewishness, all other Jews disagree.Mainstream traditional Jews have used Matriarchal decent since the time of Ezra and Nehemiah before that time patrilineal decent was the norm.If you want to be Jewish see a rabbi

Depends on what you mean by &quot:have to&quot:.

She is certainly free to live in accord with other Jewish teachings and raise her children in the faith and tradition even without a formal conversion.

There are no Jewish Police who will stop her. nor will anyone bar her from attending the synagogue.

However, if by &quot:adhering&quot: it includes for her the laws about conversion, than of course she should comply and formally convert.

Further, this is the only way to ensure that ALL OTHER Jews will accept her as &quot:Jewish&quot: and that they will do so for her children as well.

Conversion is not so onorous and if she has knowledge of the faith already it will not likely even take her that long. She will enjoy it.

answer: it depends on the rabbi and which branch of Judaism the child is raised. There are some Reform rabbis that will accept the children of a Jewish father as being Jewish IF they are raised only as Jews, no other religious upbringing and are active in the religion.

All other branches (and some Reform rabbis) would require a formal conversion (the length of study and the procedure depends on the child’s knowledge beforehand)

If such a child studies Jewish law and theology,
he will find that he is not obligated under the laws of the Jewish covenant because he is not a member of the nation of Israel.

If he wants to become obligated to the laws of the Jewish covenant, then he must enter the covenant just as all those who were not born Jewish.

If they want to be considered Jewish the answer is yes. The only exception is that SOME Reform congregations will consider them Jewish IF they are actually raised Jewish.

yes, but unless her mother also converts she will have to do this on her own later in life.

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