Can I drop a super-sport motorcycle a few inches to the ground ?

Are drop kits for bikes avalable in the market?

yes you can buy drop kits, you just order them in the store

know in terms of the gravity, the lower the bike’s height the better, but if the bike rides too low its banking angle will suffer. If it is not to much and you lower the front as much as you lower the back you will not feel a thing (I’m talking about 0,5inch), only you will see a lot of sparks when you put your knee down.

I know that when I needed to take slow corners on the track I lowered my front (with less then a 0,5inch) so the bike will fall more in the corners, but it will feel uncomfortable and nerves when you are at speed.

*Lower to much in front you will get oversteer,
*when you lower your back too much it will understeer.

When you do this think also that you need to set your spring rate, preload, rebound and the bound of your suspensions &quot:remember if you have no clue what you are doing stay off it!!&quot:

if it is not enough, go for your saddle and if it is still to high by a Aprilia 250 rs or a pocket-bike…

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