Buying a car this fall?

Which would you buy? An 03-04 mini cooper or 07-08 toyota yaris? Which is better overall? If you have any others, I wanna keep it smaller than a mid-size car around the $10,000 range.

Here’s my long winded answer:
I had to make a similar choice last year. I went with an ’03 MINI cooper S am happy with this choice. It will be hard, but not at all impossible to find a MINI in that price range, I recommend checking out ebay motors, that is where I found mine. It is especially a good option if you are open to many different colors. People will notice you in a MINI, not so much in a yaris, if you want people to notice you for having a cool car, the MINI is the car for you! So important things to consider in your choice:
– There are many less MINI dealerships around than Toyota, they do have MINI parts at many BMW dealerships too. If you need a hard to find MINI part and there is no MINI service center around you it may be hard to get.
-The MINI Cooper S only takes premium gas! This is more expensive than reg. of coarse. If you drive a lot this may be an issue. The reg. MINI takes reg. gas.
– My MINI cooper S is a six speed manual, it’s very fast, and fun to drive! A Yaris, not so much.
– It is hard to find a used MINI with automatic trans, if you don’t know how to drive a stick, this could be an issue.
-If you are very, very tall or overweight, the MINI is not for you.
-The Yaris is not very cool, but the Yaris sedan is better looking than the 3-door.

I like mini coopers, they hold their value. I am not sure if you could even find a mini cooper for $10K. Toyota Yaris is more practical for year around. But I personally don’t like Japanese cars, they are all overpriced and overhyped. Buy a 2006 Ford Fusion instead.

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