buy a used honda accord?

how much would be spent to buy a honda accord in ontario, Years at 1998~2002:mile at 12km~15km.

thank you

You should be able to buy a quality used Accord for somewhere around $5000.00-$7500.00. Look for certified pre-owned dealers.

Honda’s are great cars and as long as you take care of it you’ll be fine. I don’t know anyone who’s owned a Honda and been unhappy.

If you are planning to buy a Honda Accord 98-01 at 12k-15k miles. They would be approx. $5,000-$7,000. But since you live in Canada, they would probably be $5,200 (Can)-7,300 (Can)

They last forever

SAVES $$$$ ON GAS AND IS SUPERGOOD FOR THE ENVIROMENT ( when our world needs it most)

I would if it is still in good shape.

kelley blue book

nothing…I prefer BMWs

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