brother stole deposit and items, changed locks?

I was subletting under my big brother and I had payed deposit and rent and one day I came home to the door locks changed and I find he has moved half of my things to my parents house without me knowing, the other half he still has and refuses to give me plus he refuses to give my rent or deposit, I have called the landlord and they refuse to help since I just had a word of mouth sublease, I have countless texts of my brother asking for rent and proof of me living there from texts from him, also Facebook messages, my question is what legal steps can I take to get my things back or get compensation? The only proof I have the things are mine is, I have some pictures of me with them, they were mostly gifts from Amazon so I dont know how I would prove its mine, is there anyone that has any answer to this? I just feel so betrayed!!!

u being bad

You would hve to have proof of ownership of the goods if you sue him in small claims court,i doubt you would win, you should not have been living there,it was not legal.

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