baby boy name… baby girl name…?

do u think Cyrus is a good name for a boy? i think its different and cute. Do u think Cheyenne is a cute name for a girl? Or whats good baby names that are cute but different??… i dont want a common name when i have a baby

well cheyenne is very common for a girl but cyrus isnt for a boy i like it

Cord, Austin, Clayton,Chace….for boys

Maniki,McKenna,Mya,Lace…..for girls

I like cheyenne but I also think that for a girl the name delilah is very cute.

I like different names also.. Cyrus I like not to sure about cheyenne though.. I love the name micah for a boy and for a girl I love the names Tahleeyah or Taneil

I like the name Cheyenne for a girl. But naming a boy Cyrus is like naming a girl Ursyla, there like from outer space or something. Furthermore a boy could be named Hayden, that’s what im gonna name my first boy &amp: Breanna for a girl.

Girl: Kalie (many different spellings tho) Jenna, Lenna, Kathleen, Sandra, Trina, Genivive, Holly. Cheyenne is very cute though.
Boy: I do like cyrus. More suggustions: Gage, Taylor, Gordon, Raymond, Samule, Jerry, Allen

good luck? whens (it) due?

I would say avoid Cyrus, unless there is a family/heritage connection.
I have some friends who have a daughter named Cheyenne,
and I have always like it.
For a boy, I would go with Connor.

The biggest thing to remember is that (hopefully) they make it into the business world, and a &quot:cute&quot: name now, may very well hold them back.
Chose wisely grass-hopper….

I think Cyrus and Cheyenne are good names
I like the name Chevonne, it’s a little less common
Go with a name you love

Cheyenne is becoming more common. Cyrus is good and different. I’ve always thought that Alexander (Xander), Nathaniel (Nathan), Navarone, Axel, Trae, Naomi, Gabrielle, Alexis, Nevaeh (Heaven sp backwards) were good solid names for children. Hope this helps some but you gotta go with your other half on this. He has a say as well…like &quot:Jr.&quot:

Cyrus I really like, Cheyenne is pretty but I personally prefer Chanina

How about Nate? I thing ‘Cyrus’ would be teased a bit at school, kids are cruel. Don’t choose ‘Titus’, I think it is a bad name for teasing!!
Cheyenne might be tricky for learning to write it, I am very aware of that now I have named 2 boys who are writing now!! What does it mean? How about just Shae?

Boy – Lofflien
Girl – Delilah

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