Are you liberals really naive enough to believe that the IRS wasn’t targeting conservative groups?

at the direction of the Obama admin?

This will get traced back to the Obama admin believe me. No single person is dumb enough to risk a six figure job over this, let alone an entire division of the IRS.

I really believe quite a few are, but not for the reasons you might think. Many liberals think its ok because it was conservative tea party groups who were targeted. the problem is this is not about right and left but right and wrong. Using ANY government agency to target ANY group is a violation of our Constitutional First Amendment rights. You cannot legally use a government agency to silence critics of any political party. I honestly believe that if it was Republicans and Conservatives doing it to liberals, liberals would be in an uproar. What happened here was nothing short of the most egregious form of harassment of citizens in history. # events happened that never should have happened.
1. The IRS was used to target certain conservative groups for termination through an expensive and illegal harassment process. The government has an unlimited amount of money they can print for their own use so they have nothing to lose.
2. The Department of Justice did the same thing to the Associated Press! They had no right to seize any records on anyone at the press without due process, but that is exactly what Eric Holder did. If so many government officials didn’t know what was going on, why are they still in jobs if they’re that incompetent?
3. Whistle blowers that knew what happened in Benghazi were threatened with keeping their jobs if they talked about what really happened! It now looks like Benghazi was not a consulate, but an operation to give weapons &quot:aid&quot: to Islamic militant rebels who were supposed to fight against Bashar Al Assad, Prime Minister of Syria. Instead it now looks like our own Ambassador J Christopher Stevens along with Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed with weapons the rebel fighters got from us. This is what the Administration didn’t want to get out to the media. That’s why they lied about the terrorist attack being caused by a you tube video. The producer of that video is still locked up in jail by the way.

Yeah,I’m pretty proud and happy some body made these fools uncomfortable.I believe one tea bagger claimed that there were communists in office in the dem. party.When you play hard ball you must expect some backlash.And don’t give me this outrage over the I.R.S. doing as they wish.This has been going on since the sixties.J.Edger Hoover kept files on every one he pleased,and used it against them if he wanted to.Nixon did the same thing.What, you never read about Nixon’s hate list?He used the I.R.S. as his own spy agency.Wake up and get real.I guess I’m to old having lived under 13 presidents.I understand this government we live under,and the truth ain’t pretty.I saw kennedy on a trip to washington as a boy.In the flesh with my own eyes.Less than one year later he’s dead.Then they killed Dr.King,and then Bobby.All by a lone gunman.That is nice and neat.So don’t act shocked when politics is politics.Clinton once said,&quot:There are two governments and they only let me run one.My point is not clear I know.The whole thing is not clear.They keep it that way.And let me tell you something there is nothing that pleases them more than when we fight among each other over issue that only they know the facts.There is no black and white in this country it is all grey.Once you realize that it starts to become more clear to see that we are and have always been played by the people we elect.I’m nuts,right?Maybe when you go nuts you’ll get it.As Bob Dylan say’s,&quot:To be Honest you must live outside the law&quot:.Good luck to you.P.S.tea baggers are dangerous to the operation of our government.They are ideologes and this country cannot exist without compromise,something an ideologe refuses to do.

You can’t just make up partisan, lying nonsense and then accuse liberals of being naïve for not believing your made-up nonsense.

Try to apply some actual facts to the issues at hand instead of putting all of your efforts into attacking liberals and attacking the Obama administration at the same time. You’re becoming confused.

I’m not naive enough to think &quot:the&quot: IRS did any such thing.

Some IRS workers did this, claiming that the entire organization, including it’s &quot:acting&quot: chief did so is a lie.

Just because your world view demands a monolithic tyranny, doesn’t make it a reality.

I still find it difficult to accept that in America liberals support Obama who is seen here in Europe as a centre right conservative.

This is a symptom of the 501(c) class of super pacs. Citizens United paved the way for rampant abuse of the Campaign Finance System.

One of the primary jobs of the IRS is to monitor compliance with US tax laws.
Non-profit, tax exempt groups should be monitored. It happens all the time.
So if the IRS was indeed ONLY monitoring conservative groups, so what?
Who is to say other, more liberal, groups were next.
It seems you are blaming the IRS for doing their job.

It probably was. It is unacceptable if true.
However, Congress is to blame ultimately for allowing these PACs masquerade as &quot:social welfare&quot: organizations.

No, they know it. They simply don’t care because it was the evil conservatives that were targeted. They are very shortsighted, as a group.

Naivete and willfully lying are not the same thing. What you are seeing is an example of the latter.

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