2002 porsche boxster s or 2006 bmw z4?

Having trouble deciding between these two cars. I would obviously prefer the porsche but the upside to the z4 is that is it 4 years newer. I do like the z4 a lot but everyone seems to have a bmw these days…any advice from owners is appreciated.

I say get the porsche it is a better car, more power, luxury and areodynamic. and bmw s are just low quality cars anyway.

They’re both going to be expensive to maintain, however, the Boxster will be slightly more, especially engine work due to the amount of labor required to move the engine out.

The Boxster S though is a better car in pretty much every way. For me, the Z4 is just a roadster and it will bore you in my opinion. No Porsche is boring (okay maybe the 924 is, but the exception proves the rule right?). Think of the Z3, is that really an exciting car? Not anymore. Think of old Porsches, are they exciting? You bet!

In case you’ve never payed attention to the sound of a flat 6 (common engine for Porsches), then go ahead and do that. That should be enough to win you over.

You should also consider other cars, I think. Honda S2000 (great car but fairly small trunk if you care about that), C5 Corvette or C5 Z06, BMW M3 Coupe (that’s an animal).

Hope I helped. And by the way, I went through this decision myself too and did a lot of researching on all the previously mentioned cars.

You should definitely go for a Porsche. Several reasons. First- the noise. Porsches make a great-sounding low rumble: much better than a BMW, which hardly makes any sound at all. Next- Porsches are #1 in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey. This means that Porsches have better build quality and reliability than any other car in the world. That means you won’t be spending a lot on repairs. In fact, you’ll barely be spending anything. Next- Porsches look awesome. I don’t have say anything else about that. Definitely the Porsche. However, consider this- you’re going to have to spend A LOT of money if you’re planning to buy one of those. First, if both are manual, insurance rates are going to go sky high. They’re going to go even higher when they see the kind of car you buy. Also, you’re going to have to pay gas guzzler tax because both are thirsty. And you’re also going to have to be prepared to pay a lot at the pump, because, as I mentioned before, both cars are thirsty. Maybe you could try a Mercedes CLK or SLK for now, since both are automatic and aren’t THAT thirsty.

The Boxster is a better car. And the Z4 is one ugly beast. Don’t get me wrong: BMW makes fine automobiles. The real question here is the one you’ve hinted at: the condition of the cars.

You need to examine: the documentation – service and any repairs – for the two cars, the mileage on the two cars (fewer years doesn’t necessarily mean fewer miles), any accident history for the cars, and the condition of brakes, batteries, tires, etc. to make an informed decision about which car is better for you.

When you think you’ve decided, get a certified mechanic to do a Pre Purchase Inspection (not where you’re buying the car) before entering final price negotiations.

I hate the looks of both cars. The BMW was ugly from the start, the Porsche looked pretty cool at first. But after seeing my 4000th boxter I lost any interest in them. In my mind If you have a Boxter then you don’t have enough money to buy a 911 (great car). Performance wise, Porsche wins, by A lot. Comfort wise Z4. Winner? depends, Z4 if your looking to show off and drive it to work everyday. Porsche if you want performance, and a fun weekend car.

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