10 Points ))) Girls: Please Answer This ?

i’m a 17 yr old funny black guy who raps and plays basketball, wondering if i’ve screwed up.

last night i was chating (facebook) with a girl i havent seen or spoken for a while. we were chatting for over half an hour. i got her cellplone # and told her that we should catch up sometime.

(we only send around 15 to 20 messages to each other tho O_o)

(the reason why we’ve havent seen each othr for so long because we left elementary to different high school’s. at elementary i had trouble talking and being myself, i havent really showed. we didnt talk much and we hung out only few times (not much 1 on 1). Now i’ve changed, few month’s ago back in high school after being away for a yr. basically started living and winnin’, journey to the NBA )

anyway, i want to get to know her and get with her (no dating as yet, of course) . so just an hour ago i’ve texted her saying add this #, (my name). aha i fell asleep, whats up ?.

Did i made a mistake ? i heard that you’re suppose to wait 2 days. Either way, what are the next steps ?

no not a mistake. just keep talking to her and see if she suggests hanging out. dont annoy her with texts tho

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