Would you go to a haunted house for Valentine’s Day?

The haunted house would have things in it like an old, lonely person with 100 cats.

Yeah sure I would.

I had a weird dream last night Tubs. And lots of contacts were in it. I’m going to tell it to you b/c this will be my last Q for the day. ANYWAY..so all of us were drinking in an old house. We were partying and then an old dude came up to us and was like &quot:Um..this is my house..why are you here?&quot: and we were like &quot:Well…we’re drunk and this house was here and you’ve got a tv and stuff&quot:. Then he told us the house was hundreds of years old and it used to belong to a serial killer AND the serial killer and his wife were buried in the living room. Anyway..we all had to spend the night there and so we were suddenly not happy about it b/c we hadn’t noticed the coffins under the bay window til just then.
SO we spent the night and the only prob was a few spiders. In the morning he gave us a tour of the place and I was grossed out and was going to leave. On my way out he pointed out that the chimney had whirling iron teeth in it…same with the well. I was like &quot:OH ..neat..bye&quot:..but on the way out Bill Blasphemy was looking at the potatoes they had planted in the front yard and he was like &quot:Fuuuck..have you ever seen such nice potatoes?&quot: . I was like &quot:I really have to go Bill..but yeah they look great&quot:. Then I realized they were so nice b/c all the dead people buried under the ground were fertilizing the potatoes.
Yuck right?

I beg your pardon! This house is not haunted and I do not have 100 cats – just 80 – and I’m only lonely on Fridays – I only invited you cuz I thought you were nice and needed some attention!

there is actually a thing going on at the haunted house here tonight and tomorrow night.

i went to it after halloween and it was very veryyy scary.. they turn the lights off and you have to go through the entire thing with just a glowstick and the people that work there can steal it from you so you are forced to go through it in complete darkness.

You know what would make it truly terrifying? If they filled up the haunted house with every loser we’ve ever dated. That would be the scariest thing evar. Even more scary than 100 cats.

hmmm … I think that old lonely person is a Painting of the Old Lady in the Shoe and those &quot:cats&quot: are actually her kids.

id like to go to the Winchesters house,
sara winchester heir to the winchester guns..
its the scariest haunted house out there i heard..

Sure… at least you’d be guaranteed some pu$$y on V-Day

no. i am grouchy right now and i don’t want to have cats crawling all over me. i might punch them and then i’d feel bad.

so , me in twenty years.

No o-o

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