What’s the oldest religion still practiced today?

I’d have to say Hinduism.

I’m going to guess Zoroastrianism.

By far, it’s animism.

The one Jesus instituted TRUE CHRISTIANITY One that is based on the bible and where people live by what they learn from the bible not hypocritical Go to jw.org its great


any of the historical man-invented &quot:religions&quot: have gone through so many changes over the millennia, it is impossible to know…………….. The Faith of those of The True Christian Faith is based upon The Word and Will of God for man-kind….. even though The True Church(not a man-invented religion) was not commissioned by God until about 2,000 yrs ago…… the foundation of The Faith is from time God placed man-kind on this planet…that makes The True Christian Faith older than any man-invented religion

Sun worship, probably.

Probably Sun worship practiced in Hinduism

Probably Hinduism or something


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