Whats the nicest and meanest things youve ever done for/to someone?

I’ve lied, cheated (not on someone, but the other kind of cheating), and stolen for someone…..I guess to the person I did that to must be the meanest thing I’ve done

I think the meanest thing I’ve ever done to someone was exclude them from something because they didn’t &quot:fit in&quot:. I was a total drama queen way back when. But I’ve never physically hurt someone.

The nicest thing might have to be…
Idk. I’m quite a nice person to everyone now. I try to do as many good deed as I possibly can.

Nicest – donated bone marrow

Meanest – hit a man in the head with a bone at a bar

Nicest: Gave a person my life love and care

Nicest: Sacrifice/share (Let her have something she wants that I also want)

Meanest: Degraded someone.

Nicest: agreeing to marry my husband
Meanest: staying married to him

Gave them my love. Left them and took my love back.

Giving my heart away.

i have to go with logicals,except the other way around.

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