What’s the difference between liberals & democrats and republicans & conservatives?

What is the difference between democrats and liberals?
What is the difference between republicans and conservatives?

They are just titles that help devide the people. There is no real difference in policy between the two.

I consider myself conservative but not a republican. I am also not a democrat.

I like to believe the founding fathers had a pretty good idea what they were doing when the wrote the constitution, but over the last 100 years or so it has been completely destroyed.

Bush a &quot:conservative&quot: singlehandedly eliminated 9 of 10 rights guaranteed to us by the bill of rights.

The federal reserve act of 1913 put the economy on track for a series of booms and busts.

The united states was founded on a platform of a limited central government that was subservient to the states. But that all has changed and neither the conservatives or liberals are doing a damn thing to stop.

So to answer your question they are all rich people in power who are only out for themselves and the people who financed their campaign to get them there.

Democrats tend to be liberal but there is wide spectrum of Democrats. Bill Clinton worked very well with a Republican congress. He got along great with Allen Greenspan.

Very few conservatives are left in the Republican party. No true conservative would tolerate the big government, deficit and spend policies of the Bush administration. No true conservative would tolerate a indefinite $12 billion a month welfare program for Iraqis.

Difference Between Liberal And Democrat

Conservatives are the ones Bush and Republican held houses of senate and house abandoned after being elected.
Liberals are the ones that abandoned Hillary when Obama came along.

Democrats/Liberals generally believe individual freedom, but government interference in economic matters. Republicans/Conservatives believe in economic freedom, but government intervention in individual freedom.
These of course, are broad generalizations, but have changed over time.

Both used to be different, but they are more similar than different at present. For example, they both support at best, or tolerate at worst the following:

1. Intervention in the economy-taxes, inflationary monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, business regulations, wage and price controls, government subsidies of corporations.
2. Increase in government (local, state, regional, and federal).
3. Interventionist foreign policy-Iraq War, Afghanistan, US military bases in over 100 countries.
4. Curbing individual civil liberties in the name of the War on Terror and the Drug War.

There is my answer and I’m sure conservatives and liberals on this board will disagree with me vehemently.

Democrati and Republican are two politcal parties in the USA

Liberal and Conservative are political ideologies.

Liberalism focuses on maximizing individual rights, Conservatism focuses on tradition.

Republicans-are more socially conservative and favor less gov control on the economy and lower taxes.

Democrats-have a very diverse ideology but they tend to be very liberal

Conservatives believe in the past.

Liberals believe in the future.

Democrats &amp: Republicans believe in whatever the corporations who pay their bills tell them to believe.

A liberal is radical left wing democrat.
A conservative is a radical right wing republican

To me liberals and conservatives are the radical parts of the parties. Not willing to compromise to accomplish something.

Liberal Democrats help people who need help. Conservative Republicans only help those who can help themselves.

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