what does airplane mode do on the iphone?

i have an iphone and ive always wondered what the option airplane mode is and what it does?

It turns off the cell phone part of the phone so you can still use the music and multimedia part of it when you are on a plane. This is available on almost every cell phone.


To tell you then truth, airplane mode just saves your battery. My dad has been a pilot for 15 years and all it does is save your battery. It doesn’t interfere with anything. You don’t have to have it on at all.

you ought to coach the telephone off thoroughly each and every time the cabin group says to coach off digital instruments. as quickly as the group says for you to use digital instruments, you may turn the telephone on, yet you will desire to shop it in airplane mode for the duration of the flight. frequently instruments would desire to be became off for takeoff and touchdown, yet you ought to use them (in airplane mode) for the duration of the the remainder of the flight. you won’t be able of make calls or use texts or surf the internet for the duration of the flight.

Airplane mode is for use on airplanes, big surprise lol. It turns off the radio transmitter so it does not interfere with airplane/port radio frequencies.

exactly what jake said! It only allows the mp3 player to work and turns off any receiving or trasmitting capabilities

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