what does a girls orgasm feel like?

what does a girls orgasm feel like…in detail please………..ive always wondered……..and how long do they last.

Supposedly they last longer than a guys. But it feels really intense for a little bit, it climaxes at a point, and then you topple over that edge and you get that sense of release and all of your vaginal muscles contract and release. It’s pretty intense, and usually you can go right onto another one. I usually do four or five right in a row. It’s bliss. And then you’re completely relaxed when you’re all spent and done.

Girls Orgasm

It’s really really different for everyone. for me, I’ve never had vaginal sex, but from rubbing my clitoris it goes a bit like this:

These sensations just get more and more intense and then theres a plateau where it’s just great before you orgasm. The actual orgasm for me hasn’t lasted longer than 10 seconds, but it’s really intense and concentrated right on my clitoris for me, and I usually have to cry out. You tend to rock back and forth more, and also if you try to keep going you get really crazy contractions in your thighs and legs and your lower stomach muscles go uncontrollable. After the orgasm when you touch it’s kinda like a pain that also feels good, and once you get over the pain-ish it starts all over again. The second orgasm for me is even better and lasts longer. You could keep going for however long you like but I never went past three as it takes longer each time for me to orgasm again.

It feels like a huge rush to your vagina and then a tightening sensation. Then you kind of quiver a little bit. If you want to make a girl have a really good orgasm i suggest you make sure she is naturally lubricated with foreplay and also rub her clitoris gently either during sex or even during foreplay.

It’s like this huge rush of adrenaline that’s focused mainly in the vagina. You can feel the muscles contract and sometimes there’s a chill that goes up the spine. Sometimes, if it’s really intense, my ears ring for a while afterword.

It feels like a wave a pleasure building up before I orgasm, like a tingle and a nice feeling that starts at my butt, then my vaginal opening or near it. This is what happens when I rub my clit btw.
So the wave of pleasure hits, then I usually stop rubbing my clit and finger myself then go back to rubbing my clit because it helps me achieve orgasm, then after a while an intense feeling hits and all of a sudden it feels like my body exploded with pleasure! Then I usually rock and moan uncontrollably while this feeling is still going on, then it’s the tingle, and me shaking or shuddering then I keep rubbing until it ends.

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my girlfriend described it to me as tightening and contractions and euphorium all happening all over her body, but focused on her clit/vagina.

when we’re having sex or i’m going down on her, her orgasms seem to last a good 8-12 seconds every time which shocks me every time.

i wish i could have one that long :/

girls orgasm feel like: https://bitly.im/c8/what-does-a-girls-orgasm-feel-like

I always masturbate and never orgasm tho 😪

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