What did you think of Bush’s idle speculation today about how World War III is going to start?

Isn’t this just the sort of calm, measured, rational statement you expect from our President, as he works to lower tensions and build consensus?

We’ve got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel, Bush said. So I’ve told people that, if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.


War profiteers love war.

Bush wants it before November 08.

I don’t think Iran should be allowed to develop nukes.
I think this President lacks the skills to thwart them. All he knows how to do is threaten, coerce, and bomb back to the stone age. Unfortunately, he has an army of arm-chair generals who think this is just some global sporting event and We’re #1! USA All the Way! is what they chant, blog, and drivel.
I don’t think threatening WW3 is a responsible thing to do if the threat of terroist attacks on these shores is real.
If GWB were a real Texan, he would know that Davy Crockett said &quot:First, make sure you’re right, then, go ahead.&quot: He has been wrong about almost everything, the excuse of &quot:I thought it was right, they told me it was.&quot: is BS, whatever happened to Truman’s little desk plaque that read The Buck Stops Here? Bush probably thought that meant he and his cronies get all the war plunder and booty.

I think it’s an over simplified description of the problem. For one thing, Iran’s leader couldn’t destroy Israel single handedly. Obviously, he’d have to have help from other people inside the government who agree with him.

I wonder if Bush is afraid that Putin might give Iran the necessary knowledge and hopes to prevent Putin’s doing that with that argument. If so, the comment wasn’t made to Americans, but to Putin.

I worry about Bush’s view that seems to be that the US is on a one way track to Hades. That’s not the only possibility. I think one possibility is that Israel has the capability to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities and could do so if they think the threat is imminent.

This is the sort of saber-rattling you would expect from some uneducated, third-world, no-class dictator. It is not the sort of thing to be said by the President of the United States. Whatever happened to &quot:talking&quot:? Whatever happened to &quot:diplomacy&quot:? A statement like this turns other countries away from us, and from anything that the US deems &quot:necessary–therefore, no help from others if Iran actually does become a nuclear power.

Personally, I think Bush &amp: Co. have already decided on a &quot:war&quot: with Iran, just as they had already decided on a &quot:war&quot: in Iraq, long before Saddam refused to let the UN poke around looking for WMD.

To even begin to toss around words like WWIII, casually and off the cuff, makes me wonder about Bush’s sanity OR what the &quot:powers that be&quot: really have up their sleeves for humanity. I am more frightened of the PNAC terrorists than I have EVER been of the foreign terrorists. Perhaps it is time for America to go on &quot:red alert&quot: against the warmongers and paranoia-pushers!

Greetings. note again most of the answerers to this question are simple bush supporters or apologists thereof. question I ask is Why are we responsible for protecting Israel? they are not part of our nation and we are not their mothers. question two. nuclear weapons have only been used on humans in war twice. and both times by the United States on Japanese cities. How does that give the United States the justification to say Iran cannot have nuclear power, when our president is advocating putting the evil nuclear plants with limited life and lethal waste products with half lifes longer then our entire human history back in production here? I do not see the United States having the moral purity to be able to tell others how to behave since our nation has never shown that ability itself, especially in our politicians. Question 3. Rational? Bush? you know there is something wrong when a person steps out of their personna totally. Bush is never rational. Question 4. how would Iran destroying Israel start world war 3? Right now there are a number of genocidal wars going on, including our own in Iraq and Afghanistan using terror tactics against the civilians, and it is not starting world war 3 is it? More dangerous is the U.S. secretary of state going to Russia and offering aid and backing for groups that are against the legal government in Russia. Would be like the Russian in the same position as condom in our government, in the Russian government, coming here and publically offering aid and backing for any groups that are against our government. Come to mind some of the radical right militias and the race questions that have never been answered. If Russia came here and offered to arm the American Natives because the U.S. had mistreated them and stole their land, would the U.S. tend to get upset? Certainly. but we are doing it in Russia, that is more likely to be a cause of a war between us then the bombing of Israel. Many of the people here in America are not pro-Jewish nor pro-Israel as our president is. Many Christians here would cheer if it happened, as they did when the Jewish people were hauled to extermination camps during world war 2. so the bush is once again lying. but trying to not act the insane idiot he normally shows to people.

A World War III would involve more than Iran! While Bush taunts Turkey, Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia and Syria, they are just as fearful about what our crazy leader is up to. Recent history tells us he makes decisions based upon what Cheney tells him to do. If people are not worried about that, they are not paying attention!

so what we are 2 for 2 in world wars.

First of all, NO WAR PLEASE!

I can’t see another picture of dead kids or bleeding people without a leg or arm, or anything like that!
It hurts!
War(=massacure?) is just the most stupid and cruel thing that human kinds ever could do.

Second of all, I won’t call it WW III if China stays out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I just kinda feel a world war should involve some major powers, like US, Russia, or China, India.

And honestly, I don’t see that happening.
Coz I have no doubt that none of the countries I named above would like to be a part of Mr. President’s fancy WW III tale.

Am I right here?

Why aren’t we in the streets demanding the removal of this dangerous clown is beyond me.
He sounds like a bad version of Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad is just a powerless dweeb running his mouth, but this guy is looking to be the one who initiates Armageddon to bring back the Messiah.

Watch the markets take a fall over this latest off the cuff statement, and gas we be up again tomorrow no doubt, but of course he won’t of thought of that DUH!!!

The point he made is a valid one of course, but I just wish he didn’t sound like a simpleton or some stupid redneck who goes around saying &quot:lets NUKE the SOB’S&quot:, why doesn’t he go and meet the little prick, I think he might find they both have a lot in common!!!

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