Suicide Pills? Would this be a good idea?

There are maybe 2O,000 suicides in the US every year, who knows what’s going on in Europe. These are from sick or old people who have had enough.
Instead of having to shoot themselves, wouldn’t it be better if they could just take a couple of Pills to end it all? The Birth Control Pill stops babies from living: is that any different?
Isn’t it legal in Oregon? And like in Sweden to have a doctor kill you? Isn’t that better than rotting away in a $2,000 a month Nursing Home for several years?
My grandpa died kind of nasty, and there should be a better system.

i agree.the old shouldn’t have to suffer the way they do.they were once just like us.why can’t we give them the dignity of a descent death instead of them rotting away and being in grandmother on my father’s side died when i was 5.she was a really cool woman.she hated my father too.and would always buy me new shoes on holiday’ father tortured her to the death.he broke into her house and when my grandmother asked for my father and his brother (another one of her sons) to leave her alone so She could die with some peace they threatened her with grandmother had her head shaved (she had cancer) and just wanted some peace.that wasn’t too much to ask for.i think she’d have been better off if when she learned she had cancer just to say good bye to everyone and then take a pill and die peacefully.i even think that this would be better for most of us.when we reach say 60-70 years old instead of suffering through what has become of us we just said &quot:well bye-bye now! see you in the next life!! I’ll haunt you till you get there!!&quot: we’d all be better off!! why is the united states the way we are.we should be more like Europe.but then that’s part of the united states.we’re all a little ****** up.that’s why we’re so great!!

I totally agree. I am 65 and already in a senior living place. essentially my life is over. I am a childless widow. I am physically disabled. I am also a diabetic , heart patient. I am also mentally ill. I am bi polar. i have no reason to live except my dog and I love her. If, I am in pain and alone, I will find a way to go.

Suicide is totally unnecessary, we are all going to die someday, and it’s totally wrong for a society to determine how an individual is going to die (likewise capitol punishment)..Regardless of the pretty words, it all boils down to homicide. Which is presently immoral/illegal.

When You are worn out &amp: tired of
Living get a bottle of sleeping pills
and a pint of Gin – have a nice nap.

I really don’t even know why sucidide exists. why must ppl kill themselves? do they do it to get rid of pain? I personally think that already dying is pain full enough.

I believe it should be a person choice, who wants to suffer knowing what the out come is going to be anyway

I agree 100%. Oregon has the Die with Dignity act.

My mother always said &quot: we have an invisible braclet that has the day of our birth and the day of our death &quot: , I’ll go when I am called and I can already say that if it is a rough ending it has been well worth it.

No, a deadly pill is extremely dangerous. Some people share drugs, and get tricked into taking things by accident.. So when they take that pill, they’re going to die.

We treat animals better…we don’t let them suffer…so yes I do agree.

Sure would get pissed if I reached over and took one of them instead of the &quot:Blue Pill&quot: What a way to go.

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