Should immigrant be allowed to get into our county more freely?

I am doing a debate about immmagration, and I have to be pro inmmagration. In other word I have to give reasons why I think people should get into our country easier, with less hassel and papers. I have looked on the internet but have only found strange sites. Can Ya’ll help??

Yes, in a way…

Right now the process is so slow, expensive, inefficient, and biased toward the poor/uneducated…that many dissaffected people find it easier to hop a fence and risk their lives/freedom in the deserts.

Some people think all of the illegal immigrants were simply…&quot:too lazy to fill out the forms&quot:….when in reality there are many many forms, alot of money involved, and it can take years and years…with no guarantee that you will ever get in..or that your family will get in with you at the same time.

If we want to know who is in this country…we have to make it fair for everyone who wants to come here.

The &quot:front door&quot: needs a welcome mat, and shouldn’t be locked to the poor and uneducated….or we will always have a large group of people using the &quot:back door&quot:.

Easier to get in? It is as easy as it comes right now. Less paperwork means higher fees. I guess you could use the if you have the money you can stay here on just an application, background check and English Test. Or if they are highly educated and have a stable job in their home country they don’t need that much paperwork and hassle. Just an idea. I know it will be hard for you to do this since we are trying to secure our borders now. When you deal with the government there is always some kind of hassle. Good Luck on your debate.

There is no question that our Immigration policies need to be changed, but we need to deal with Illegal immigration first. I have no problem with allowing people to come into our country if they follow the proper channels. My father is an Immigrant and so is my new mother in law. It took my mother in law over a year to get into the USA after my father in law had a heart attack and had to move back to the states. Yet John McCain wants to let people who come into this country illegally stay which makes the process harder for people like my mother in law who are following the proper channels.

this finished element is being spun as a rally for ALL immigrants, regardless of status (in view that thier advocates relatively do no longer care whether or no longer they’re criminal or no longer). What i’d relatively want to be certain is a sparkling entity, the &quot:League of Documented aliens&quot: get as much as champion the reason of criminal immigration. those are people who would desire to be rapid-tracked for admittance and citizenship.

Well I assume that you’re not a native English speaker, judging by the standard of your question.

I would assume that by your use of the expression ‘our country’ you are referring to YOUR country, this being evidence that Americans are inherently ignorant of anything that exists outside their backyard.

You should allow more well educated people to enter your country and thereby help to raise the standards. I’m sure that most immigrants have a better command of English than the average American.

You can ensure that they have a minimum amount of wealth, and can afford to live and buy a house. You can ensure that they’re qualified and have intentions of working and paying taxes, and become productive members of your society. You can also make it a requirement that they study your language and learn to read and write at a higher standard than yourself, so that people would not think they were ignorant.

5 stars please 🙂

Our economy and health care system and school system may not support a huge influx of immigrants. And if there a no jobs for them they go on welfare and that system is broke also.

From a higher perspective, the world should be wide open. People should be able to travel and live and work where ever they choose on this planet. It belongs to all of us.

Immigration (migration) is innate in humanity … this country (the US) is &quot:full of immigrants from all creeds, especially Europe. Let’s not confuse immigration issues concerning, political, ethics or legalities.

We have all &quot:immigrated&quot: for apparent reasons and will continue to do so.

They shouldn’t make it easier – it should be harder. It is a privilege to come to this country. There should be a complete moratorium on all immigration since they are certainly ungrateful to be here.

I would drop the debate class. Or move to the other side.

the is the country of opportunities, that is why people should be able to come in. Chances are that people are migrating from one country to another in search of opportunities, therefore If someone is looking for opportunities why deny them. It helps themselves, the economy and therefore the country as a whole.

Amy I can not think of a single reason for it to be easier, sorry but maybe I am too blinkered, I admit to being anti illegal, and that is what has caused the damage.

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