No Muslim, Christian or Buddhist tamilian is killed.Only Hindu tamils are killed. It is’nt just language race?

No Muslim, Christian or Buddhist Tamils are killed and not any Mosque or churches are getting destroyed. They act against the interest of anything which symbolises Hinduism. The Language race is more prominent in India because of which lots of Hindu Tamils are sufferrers in sri lanka. Had it been just one Hindi speaking Hindu suffered like this, the reaction from people of India would have been totally different. Since the sufferrers are tamils, the people of India are’nt much bothered about them. The tamils in sri lanka are natives of the country. They ruled the entire srilanka for many centuries. Infact it was nothing but an extension of Tamil country or south India. Because of the worthless Hindu – muslim clash of the North, central and western India, which even the britishers were themselves not able to handle and left india because of their economic crises, we got our freedom ahead of sri lanka and lost our brothers and sisters to this perverted buddist idiots. LTTE killed Rajiv because of his betrayal, and no LTTE killed any indians sleeping in Railway platforms or in tains, buses, air crafts, theatre, stadiums etc as they were not against india or indians. They are part of India and share same culture, tradition and religion if you would have read history properly. But unfortunately we don’t give much importance to history and also our indian texts does’nt give any importance to south Indian History or to its Freedom Fighters or the noble contribution of us to India. Most Indians are unaware of it and act as if nothing mentioned was even in existence.

So your gripe is that South India, especially Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, don’t get noticed, huh? В¬_В¬

You know why Hindi is the official language of India? It’s because it’s spoken by almost 75% of the country. Go to any corner of India (except Tamil Nadu, of course), you will find everybody speaks at least broken Hindi. On the other hand, Tamilians need especially dubbed films because they don’t bother much to learn English or even Hindi (even AP and Kerala does but not much, Karnataka doesn’t do dubbing). And then you expect us to respect your language when you are refusing to do others.

So it’s no wonder that Tamilians don’t get noticed. When there is the language barrier, there’s nothing moving forward. If there were more Tamil speaking people, then whatever you are trying to say are right.

But you know something, the whole of India views South India as different, something like a place with it’s own charm and it also helps South India is much better than any place in India in cases of mannerisms, education, etc.

So don’t even think of saying something that’s not without it’s proof. You say LTTE killed Rajiv because of betrayal? A pretty big claim.
And the most ridiculous thing you said was that LTTE has got nothing against India. I can only guess you have been brainwashed or done self brain damage.

And maybe it’s you who needs to learn History properly. Our country has a vast history and it’s impossible to put every small detail into one book. It’s childish when you get agitated that in a list of achievers, you don’t find any Tamilians.

Peace. ЛљРґЛљ

Tamils made a great mistake by joining with rest of India. We reep the fruits now. Even if entire Tamil population is killed by Srilankan state terrorists, Indian govt will not do anything. Instead India will support the killers.

If India does’nt like Tamils, then let it give us independence. So we form a Tamil country and rule ourselves just as we did in the past. At least by doing this, we can protect our language and culture from the invading north Indians.

Useless Q.
Sinhalese must be the sole official language of Sri Lanka.
Wherever you Tamils go you people think that only your language or your language too must be treated as official language, but will you bloody Tamils declare any other language as official in Tamil Nadu and at par with Tamil? Many other languages are spoken by significant number of minorities like Malyalam, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada. Will you people declare any one of these as official language even second official language? No. Then why should your pathetic language be treated as official? Delhi declared Punjabi and Urdu as second official languages while nearly 100% people in Delhi can speak in Hindi.
Once your prominent leader and prime anti-Hindi agitator Periyyer said in response to the statement that Hindi is the most spoken language so it should be the national language, that &quot:rats are more in numbers than the mighty Tiger, then should we declare rat as our national animal&quot:. Going by the same logic English and French must be declared as the official languages of TN no matter Tamil is the most spoken language. Better learn to respect other languages and then expect anything in return.
So I am in favor of Sinhalese as being the only national and official language of Sri Lanka, also because 70%+ people speak the language in SL.

Edit (@ Raj):- Huh, who the hell cares. In fact India commited a great mistake in keeping them as a part of India and we’re also in favor of separating Tamil Land from India because even at the present too when they are politically a part of India, they don’t behave like Indians but Tamils. Then Sri Lanka will invade the newly formed Tamil Land and occupy and enforce Sinhalese on you people. then you’ll come to know your value on the world stage.


You are noticing too much.


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