McCain… great candidate or greatest candidate?

is john McCain a great candidate or the greatest candidate?

Can you imagine how more of a mess he would have created in Washington, since he was not able to run a Campaign intelligently ?
And his judgment was the worst ever.
How could he have allowed his handlers to chose Palin ?
She is material for Sesame Street not Pennsylvania Avenue.

He was a lukewarm candidate who got lucky during the primaries. The best decision he made during the whole campaign was picking Sarah Palin, but his execution was horrible. If he had played his strategy right, he would have been able to continue hobnobbing with dems and indeps while Sarah carried the base, but he screwed that up by going after Obama about Bill Ayers, a topic discussed months ago, instead of presenting an attractive vision for the future of America.

Great candidate for the Democrats. We are still thanking him for running one of the most honorable campaigns in history and let’s not forget his excellent choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Here’s to you John.

That’s kind of sad for the Republicans if their great or greatest candidate was one that lost in a public spanking.

McCain sucked and swallowed all my live.
52 years an Arizonian greatest wet blanket, fool, sorry rep, what?

He was a piss poor candidate. But the Republicans could have run George Washington and they still would have lost.

McCain was a very lousy candidate.

He was a good candidate, his campaign however was another story, I don’t know what happened but between him being a Rep, economy and his campaign being ran so bad he did not have a chance…oh let’s not forget the damn media..they absolutely did him no favors..unlike the media’s golden boy Obama.

McCain is a better candidate, but all politicians appear great…utill they’re elected.

Since he lost. I don’t care.
So… he is the GREATEST candidate ever in the history of the universe.

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